Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful

BodyPartsEver felt like the odd one in the room? Like when God handed out personalities or abilities, you got the weird one?

You are not alone!

My weirdness is the way my brain emphasizes words in sentences. For example, when I got a discouraging letter one evening a few weeks ago, the next day when I read my Bible app, the verse was Hebrews 11:1, which reads:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.”

I’m going to guess that most people read this as a verse about faith. To me, that morning, the verse was about “now.”

NOW that you’ve had a hit to your confidence. . .

NOW that someone disagrees with you. . .

NOW that you feel like a complete goober. . .

NOW faith.

Because faith isn’t faith until something about NOW smacks our life upside the head and we choose to grab onto what’s not yet.

That one isn’t so weird, you might say. Lots of people read Scripture differently based on the situations in which we find ourselves. OK, but do they do it with everything they read? Even people’s names?

Seeing words and sentences like this has always made me feel a little odd or  misunderstood. Sometimes it’s shut me down, eroded my confidence, made me feel stupid or like something was wrong with me.

Ever been there?

You’re not alone. People have been struggling with their weirdness (what makes them different and unique) for a while. The Apostle Paul wrote about this issue way back in the first century AD! He said we as God’s people are like a body, and that “God has placed the parts [us] in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be” (2 Corinthians 12:18, NIV).

Paul wrote that at a time when “parts” meant parts we could see—arms, legs, head, eyes, etc. Today, though, we know a little more. Like that there are 3.72 x 1013 cells in our body that do thousands of very different—and crucial—jobs.

That is a LOT of parts! And all of them are needed for us to function as a planet.

My word weirdness helps me see connections and truths others sometimes miss. Your unique traits might make you a great listener, a gentle spirit, an adventurer, a goofball, a math whiz, a deep thinker or a trash-to-treasure creative genius.

We are still, all these years later, hand-picked by God to do jobs that reveal a bit of God’s glory to a world that sorely needs it.

Question: What is weird or unique about you? What if you asked God to show you what He meant when He gave you that gift to live for Him?

Lauri WallinA speaker and certified Christian Life Coach, Laurie Wallin lives in Southern California with her husband, Gary, their four children, and their two precocious cats. Laurie’s book Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful, tells us “it’s in our weirdness that God’s perfection exists.”

Sources: “An Estimation of the Number of Cells in the Human Body.” Annals of Human Biology, November-December 2013, Vol. 40, No. 6 , Pages 463-471.



  1. 2 months ago
    Titus Lady says

    My weirdness is my shyness, social anxiety I have had for as long as I can remember (sometimes very intense while other times not bad), and just the feeling like I am “the odd ball” in a crowd. I know Christ loves me and I am accepted in Him however I struggle at times wondering “why”: why can’t I be relaxed and confident in crowds, why am I so worried about what others think of me ( I know being a people pleaser is a trap) when I have Christ’s approval, why do I “feel” burdened by the sin I see rampant in the world (and in my own life when I give-in) when most the world just” thinks nothing of it” . I yo-yo between living as a faith-filled woman of God and yet struggle with these negative and ghastly feelings.
    My weirdness makes me feel guilty because I’ve always believed that as a christian I should be “free” and “bold as a lion”.. not 1 day be bold and 4 days be timid or avoiding social get togethers if at all possible because I feel awkward and lacking confidence while most others seem to brim with conversation and self asuredness…How could God use this? It definately has drawn me closer to Him as I know I must rely on Him for so so much as He has called me to do varying things that I have to speak before others ect. But sometimes I just wonder “is something ‘wrong’ with me”.

  2. 2 months ago
    Linda says

    I’ve always felt different from others, in church or anywhere. I know I have the gift of discernment,
    (discerning of spirits) and have seen things that others don’t seem to see. I too have learned to
    not speak out everything I see unless it’s necessary. I don’t choose to offend people, but more
    often than not, the things I’ve seen are exposed later on. (It’s not always negative things, either,
    sometimes its a gift I see in someone else that they may not see in themselves) This is helpful
    when praying for someone, or interceding; it helps me to be more specific in my prayers. Never
    should we use that gift to hurt someone or shame them, but sometimes things need to be exposed
    so they can be healed. I always try to remember; there is a way to confront someone that brings
    life and healing; if done in the wrong way, it can cause needless harm.

  3. Everything is weird about me especially how I think. I love being weird. I’m happy God made me so unique that I am sure it can never be duplicated.

  4. 2 months ago
    Melinda Lancaster says

    When I see you, I see wonderful. I’ve gleaned so much from your insight and the grace with which you apply truths.

    I’m an introvert (seemingly growing stronger in that area) with an extroverts assignment. This amongst other things since the list of my quirks is long.

    All these months later, I’m still processing your book.

    Thank you wonderful friend for being YOU.

    • Sweet friend! Thank you. So blessed to see what God is doing in your life and calling. “An introvert with an extrovert’s assignment” . . . makes me wonder how many others are out there feeling exactly the same, who will find so much strength as you press on and stay faithful.

  5. 2 months ago
    Amber says

    my weirdness comes from the way i see people. i will befriend anyone, i don’t care who they are, because i see all the cool things about them that God put in them.

  6. 2 months ago
    Pearl says

    I think being “weird” is just another way of saying you are unique! It is our differences that define us that set us apart from the crowd. It should give us confidence because our Maker The Lord Almighty has created us to be this way. We are special because there is no one else on earth exactly like you or me. I like the scripture in Psalm 39 I am fearfully and Wonderfully made. Adam was made in the image of God as we are. I think it is hard for people to accept their uniqueness because society dictates to us what is “normal”. But we as Christians belong to God!!. So He gets to say what is “weird or not.

    • Yep, Pearl, you’re absolutely right! The original Old English meaning of the word “weird” is “worth or destiny.” Maybe a world that thinks we came from single-celled organisms is scared of uniqueness because it makes them ask why we’re here… why *they’re* here. I could see that being a reason people try to make everyone the same. It leaves less space to wonder WHO might have given us that uniqueness, worth and destiny! Makes me want to pray ever harder for the normal-makers!

  7. 2 months ago
    Theresa says

    Much about me is weird, but when I read the newspaper, a book, and listen to people, I catch myself counting syllables and am impresssed when people use four, five and six syllable words!

  8. 2 months ago
    Kaylee Ann says

    You mean I have to pick just one! I thought I was just weird all over. But I focus on the good things the bible says and when it tells me I’m a sinful girl I feel really bad. I don’t know… I’m not sure how to handle that yet! I mean I know I am, and Jesus doesn’t like it when I sin but I do it a lot! It seems like I’m in a maze trying to get to the end where I win. Is that weird?

  9. Laurie,
    I’ve had a major hit to my confidence. . .
    I know that someone I dearly love disagrees with me. . .
    I feel like the biggest goober, EVER. . .
    I now must walk in faith.
    My family and I are going through one of the most difficult times in our lives. I’ve got to hold onto Faith, otherwise that awful fear keeps creeping in. Thank you for this beautiful article.
    Please pray for us.

    • Sandra, thank you for sharing your heart. Precious sister in the Lord, praying His arms wrap tight around you and your family, that He show Himself strong on your behalf, and that the peace that passes understanding would guard you as you hang on to faith with all you’ve got!

  10. 3 months ago
    Susan says

    My weirdness is a few things that make challenges for me. One I can think linearly, globally, or popcorn brainstorm. Second, when I am praying for those I love, god let’s me know things that there is no way I can know without the Holy Spirit revealing it. I know when my peeps are in trouble and how to better pray for them. What is weird is that God does not always give me “permission” to let them know. Sometimes I learn later, sometimes not & that is ok w me. I think this weirdness is just to help prayers. Third thing that is weird to me, is that as an introvert, I can identify hurting people in a group. This is the most puzzling to me as I do not yet know how God wants to use this for His glory. So for now, I just pray for them.

    • Oh, that third one! To have the empathy and quietness to really see people who need someone to see and pray for them. What a gift. And the discernment and brainstorming gifts to boot. Praising God for your prayer warrior presence in the lives of others!

  11. 3 months ago
    Pam says

    My weirdness is my intuitiveness. I read people within seconds of a interaction with them and they usually deny my observation and then later tell me what I saw. I’ve learned not to say what I see all the time and only give my observation when asked because I get tired of being thought of as weird even though I truly feel there is a reason I was given this gift but I’m not sure yet why. I pray often in hopes of using it for his good. Maybe I do and don’t know it because there are times when my observations have helped others express themselves when I’m sure they least expect it.

    • Sounds like you see others before they see themselves sometimes! I seem to recall a certain guy sitting on the shores of Galilee who had that effect on a lot of people. May He release and heal many through your intuitiveness.

  12. Oh my goodness did Laurie interview me for this article? How could I have forgotten it? I think our
    “unique traits” are what impress our friends most, but are most importantly “unique qualities” to offer back to God’s for His glory. My special weirdness; I’m often concerned about the time I spend making jewelry, then I think of Solomon’s temple; it was bejeweled giving glory to God and pleasure to the eye of His people. My craft brings pleasure to people, and I praise Him for the pleasure making it gives me…glory? I think yes!

    • That bejeweled temple—that honoring God with fine things—is such a lost art to us these days. Love that you bless God through jewelry making. I can just picture God smiling, watching His girl taking after His creator heart. . .

    • 2 months ago
      christine m. says

      I too get concerned sometimes that maybe I spend to much time on training for a half marathons or more recently, my 2nd full marathon. I mean I’m not OCD about doing several a year however I do as many as 4 or 5 and the training does take some time. Why I feel “guilty” I am not sure as I am keeping my body in decent shape (at 46 and a slower metabolism that has become even more important). I think the comment about how much time was put into Solomon’s temple and the importance God placed on it appropriate to my training also. Afterall, as God’s daughters our bodies are the temple in which He resides now through the Holy Spirit so it makes sense that just maybe that “guilty feeling” may be comming from the enemy. I guess the biggest thing is to ask, “why am I doing what I am doing, is it to bring glory in some way to the Lord? Can I honestly say what I am doing is pleasing to Him? Am I neglecting my first priorities the Lord has given me or keeping things in proper order and balance?

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