Everyday Brave


July 16, 2014

everyday-braveI’ve decided that curling my hair isn’t just for special occasions anymore. As a teenager, it was for proms and such. As a college student, it was for dates and such (…”and such” being when I would show up at events where cute Christian boys were en masse and I needed to be on my best game. I’m sure you understand). But now, as a single 34 year old woman, curling my hair is just becoming something I do when I want to. No rules, just right. Curl today, gone tomorrow. I decided I wanted my everyday life to have a little more umph, a little more celebration, a little more, well… LIFE. I didn’t want to wait for the special occasions- I wanted to have special occasions in my every day, and once I started looking, they were not hard to find. Whether it was running into a friend at the grocery store or an extra song tacked on in Zumba class or a free drink at Starbucks, there were special moments to be had around every corner. I think the same can be said for choosing to be brave. We often think that being brave is something that only happens when we stand on a cliff or get a job offer or get on that flight across the ocean. What if there is brave in your everyday? It’s brave to open the Bible when you feel disappointed with your life place. It’s brave to go to the funeral when your heart is broken. It’s brave to apply for the job when you aren’t sure you are qualified. It’s brave to say yes to the date with the new guy in your church. It’s brave to hold on when you want to let go. But it can also be brave to let go when you want to hold on. (I’ll let you wrestle that one out yourself.) It’s brave to choose Jesus when those around you don’t know Him yet. It’s brave to be uniquely you in a world that celebrates conformity. I wrote Let’s All Be Brave because I think the everyday brave is the stuff that will change your world. The brave in your home, your office, your church, your school? Those are the brave moments worth curling your hair for. It doesn’t have to be big gestures or loud announcements. Just be brave in your life, whatever is before you, and watch what God does in those everyday brave moments. And if you’ll be brave, then I can be brave, and your friends and family will see your brave and choose to be brave themselves. Let’s all be brave and watch as it changes the world.
Annie F. Downs is an author and speaker based in Nashville, TN. Her new book Let’s All Be Brave releases this week. Read more at anniefdowns.com and follow her on twitter @anniefdowns.
July 16, 2014 317 views Women of Faith