Use Your Words


July 2, 2014

ChooseYourWordsA word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. —Proverbs 25:11c What a picturesque scene that paints! Just imagine for a moment that you enter a room and see a splendid, golden gleam and a sterling glimmer, only to find out that the golden apples and silver settings are yours. All yours; you get to take them home. A couple of years ago I had the delight of having dinner in the home of a well-known personality. I felt like a scullery maid who had slipped in undetected to dine with the queen’s court. When we arrived, her dining room had been transformed into an elegant French café, with multiple tables draped in floor-length tablecloths, the chairs bedecked in fabric and tulle, and stupendous arrangements centered on each table. The multilayered china, sparkling goblets, and gleaming silver settings took my breath away. At each person’s seat was a six-inch gold cross with pearl insets that was our gift to take home. As you can imagine we, her guests, were thrilled. What a memorable keepsake. It represented far more than a dinner present and has been a reminder not only of her generosity but also of her well-designed party full of warmth and words . . . words chosen to honor her guests, to make even scullery maids feel welcome. We have the opportunity daily to consider the guests who enter our circle of influence—the gal at the cash register, the man at the post office, the kid in our flower beds, the neighbor in our business, the teen in our faces. We can fashion words to fit each heart that will be easy for the recipient to receive, something that will remain with him or her and continue to build equanimity. We can care for others by using words that gleam with love, that sparkle with authenticity, and that shimmer long after the conversation is over. Most important, we can choose words that fit each person perfectly. I can’t think of a better way for us to share the cross of Christ than in a conversation full of divinely appointed words that are spoken at the precise moment they need to be said.
One of the original Women of Faith speakers, Patsy Clairmont is still dispensing her trademark wit and wisdom at From Survival to Revival events this fall. Come see her in a city near you.
July 2, 2014 42 views Women of Faith