An Excellent Wife


August 18, 2014

The book of Proverbs ends with an acrostic poem that explains what it means to be an “excellent wife.” Does this remind you of anyone you know—one who seeks the best for her husband, is both industrious and hard-working? A friend who takes care of her household and finds success in what she puts her heart into. She is generous to the poor and teaches wisdom. Her children and husband praise her because she is an admirable woman that fears the Lord; she truly deserves the praise given to her. Over-all this woman is a special friend and mentor whose attributes exemplify the verses of Proverbs 31 and inspire others to also bring glory to the Lord. Watch the verses of Proverbs 31 come to life in this beautiful Bible-art video. Prov31_thumbnail600 Share this video with your loved one today!
August 18, 2014 201 views Women of Faith