Did You Sing Today?


August 13, 2014

DidYouSingHe has given me a new song to sing. —Psalm 40:3 Sing about God today. Sing before Him. Sing because of Him? I’ve been trying to do that this morning. So I dared to write a psalm—or tried to. That was my assignment from last week’s Sunday school class. “Write a poem or prayer declaring the excellence of God.” That means “write a psalm,” said our smiling teacher. But I was frowning. I felt self-conscious. What would people think? That was my first thought. Then I thought more deeply about creativity—about the assurances of Michael Card and Harold Best and other creativity experts who keep telling us: God has already written it. If we just listen to Him speaking, we can join Him and create. So I started: My soul sings forever to You, O God. And I’m not a singer! I twisted my mouth, not liking it. But still trying to hear. Trying to remember that psalm isn’t about me. So I started again. My soul sings forever to You, O God. God of my hope and help, God of my refuge and my redemption. When I behold You, and when I consider all You are, When I see how Your universe trembles at Your Name, My heart expands To offer songs of praise only to You. Yes, my heart sings with awe At Your excellent, sovereign power and grace. Then my soul sings forever to You. So that was it. A baby step of a psalm. But this time I didn’t question: was it too lame? Too long? Not enough? All wrong questions. The right one is easy. Did I sing today? Will you?
Christian journalist and speaker Patricia Raybon is the award-winning author of multiple books I Told the Mountain to Move and My First White Friend. Her personal essays have appeared in New York Times magazine, Newsweek, USA Weekend, Charles Stanley Ministries’ In Touch Magazine, and aired on National Public Radio.  She writes full-time on life-changing faith.     From The One Year God’s Great Blessing Devotional by Patricia Raybon © 2011. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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