This Weekend’s Forecast: Summer Snow


August 13, 2014


Kendra White, Courtesy of UP

Summer Snow is the story about a little girl with a very big heart. Eight-year-old Hallie Benson is on a mission to change the world, and though she makes a lot of messes along the way . . . ultimately, she transforms the lives of those around her with her selfless love.” —Writer/director Kendra White. Summer Snow will premiere exclusively on UP on Sunday, August 17 at 8:00 p.m. EST / 7:00 p.m. PST.

Recently, Women of Faith connected with Kendra, half of the brother/sister duo who wrote and directed Summer Snow, to ask a few questions about this inspiring new film and the future of faith-based movie-making. What made you want to tell this story? “One of the things I love about this film is that it really is a story that everyone in the family can enjoy. It centers around the Benson family, a normal, everyday family who recently lost their wife and mother and is now trying to pick up the pieces and find a new normal. I find that a lot of time, in faith-based films, the characters often seem un-relatable. We knew that we wanted to tell a story about people with real problems.” Rachel Eggleston, the little girl who plays Hallie, is just adorable. How important was it to find just the right little girl for that part? “When it comes to the role of Hallie, it was CRUCIAL for us to find the right actor.  The character of Hallie is vivacious, iridescent and full of life. In the midst of the grief of losing a loved one, the story needed this little bundle of light shining in the darkness to give the audience hope in the midst of tragedy.  When we saw Rachel Eggleston’s audition, she was an instant favorite. She was an extremely gifted professional packed into a seven-year-old’s body! Some have described her as the next Shirley Temple. She is really that good.” Have you always worked well with your brother or is this a recent collaboration? “We used to make up games and competitions when we had to clean the kitchen together. From there, we moved on to putting on plays in the back yard using a clothesline and sheets for curtains. Then we got a home video camera and started making silly little movies with our cousins and friends. In 2007, we began writing and producing children’s musicals. We have written nine children’s musicals, produced multiple commercials, TV’s shows, short films, documentaries and music videos together.” What’s your take on the future of faith-based movies? “I have been tremendously encouraged by the direction faith-based movies are going. I think for far too long, Hollywood has abandoned this demographic and now folks are finally starting to realize that there is a market for uplifting family entertainment. I rejoice every time a faith-based film does well. I think the artistry, storytelling and cinematography have come a long way but Christian filmmakers need to continue pushing themselves. With each success faith-based films have, it encourages higher quality faith-based films. There is no reason why we can’t shrug off this stereotype of cheesy, poorly acted, poorly produced filmmaking! Christians have access to the creator of the universe!”
August 13, 2014 74 views Women of Faith