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Life at any age is truly what we make it.  The wrinkles won’t go away, but grace makes them acceptable. We can endure anything when grace is present. Life is buoyant and creative and adorable. . .  even in old age.  And a lot of how we age has to do with our attitude toward

A Sweet Mistake


Sometimes mistakes are a blessing in disguise. Take Ruth Wakefield’s cookies . . . the story goes that back in 1930 Ruth and her husband were busy Massachusetts innkeepers. One day Ruth, who cooked meals for the inn’s guests, was whipping up a batch of cookies when she realized she was out of baker’s chocolate.



My philosophy is that we should just do our best—and laugh about the rest. ―Barbara Johnson

Promise Of The Morning


Whatever you’re going through at the moment, remember this is not the end of your story. We are morning people, called to live by faith and not by sight, to lift our hearts to God in the darkness because we have the promise of the morning. –Sheila Walsh

God Is A God Of Color


Too often we play it safe in life because we’re afraid of making mistakes. But God is a God of color, or light. He is creative and spectacular in every way. He doesn’t hold back in His self-expression! –Sheila Walsh

Women of Faith Wednesday


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You Simply Have To Be Yourself


The world cries, “You’ve got to be thin and you’ve got to be rich. You’ve got to be great.” But Scripture says, “You don’t have to be any of those things. You simply have to be yourself—at any age as God made you, available to Him so that He can work in and through you

What do I look for?


The Lord gives us everything we need to cook up adventure. We don’t have to leave home to find it. We don’t need money or time. We simply need to ask the Lord, “What do I look for?”—and He’ll show us the fun right in front of us. –Luci Swindoll

He Takes No Notice


Honor God by accepting each other, as Christ has accepted you.



True friendships are characterized by grace, truth, forgiveness, unselfishness, boundaries, care, and love in gigantic and mutual proportion. –Luci Swindoll