Joy is not a private-stock item reserved for the privileged; in fact, it’s more like a community pool.  All are invited.  Dive in! –Patsy Clairmont (The Great Adventure)

Acknowledge Our Sin


Moving from sin to forgiveness and a state of grace is the greatest adventure the spirit can experience, but the full impact cannot be experienced if we don’t first acknowledge our sin.  –Marilyn Meberg (The Great Adventure)

Spotlight On: Indianapolis


The Over the Top tour heads to Indianapolis, IN on August 20-21! There’s more to this Midwest city than the race that bears its name (that’s the Indy 500, for you non-race fans). For example: Sports Illustrated’s Peter King calls Indianapolis “the most walkable downtown in America.” Since Conseco Fieldhouse―where Over the Top will be

For Your Father


The only way to get through some things I’m required to do in life is to continually remind myself, “You’re doing this for your Father, Luci.” –Luci Swindoll (The Great Adventure)

The Reason You Were Born


The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. — Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV We have all had our hearts broken by someone who did not choose us, or by someone who rejected our offer to love that would have brought the fulfillment of a relationship. Some of us have

Don’t Lose the Joy


It’s easy to lose joy in life.  We get to the stage where we take ourselves too seriously or are afraid to make mistakes.  But when we know that we are loved by God, loved beyond measure, we can dive in a take a chance.  –Sheila Walsh (The Great Adventure)

Creative Process


We owe it to ourselves to make room for artistic expression.  After all, the creative process puts us in touch with the Creator.  –Marilyn Meberg (The Great Adventure)

Women of Faith Wednesday


Father’s Day is Sunday, so share about the dad of your choice! Your own, your kids’, a fictional father… be creative and celebrate a dad!   Bloggers who enter our blog hop will be entered for a chance to win Fathered by God by John Eldredge. In this life-changing message, Eldredge unveils the six stages

Playful People


This child within each of us is the muse for our creativity, the catalyst for our joy, and the spirit behind our wildest dreams.  –Luci Swindoll (The Great Adventure)

Master Painter


The great Master Painter allows you and me to take up our little brushes and paint our lives in a multitude of colors – some that clash, some that take others by surprise or provoke disapproval.  In all of this he looks down on us in love, he smiles, he celebrates our uniqueness.  –Sheila Walsh