Glitter, Glue, and World Vision, Too


Recently a group of us at the Women of Faith office got together over lunch for a little card-making, letter-writing, picture-taking session.

Bored With Life


If you find yourself bored with life, remember that with just a little imagination you can shake loose from that by making your moments creative, fresh, fun, different, and uniquely you. ―Luci Swindoll

Dear Donna . . .


Dear Donna, My World Vision sponsored child is too little to read, what do I say to him/her?

True View


Christ has come to heal the network of cracks in our self-esteem, that we might view him more clearly and therefore see our own worth. — Patsy Clairmont (All Cracked Up)

The Party of Friendship


A friend loves you all the time. — Proverbs 17:17 NCV

Choose Life


In choosing life, I choose to believe the enormous implications of those promises when I’m at my wits’ end. What will you choose? Will you believe and depend on God’s love for you? — Marilyn Meberg (God at Your Wits’ End)

He Is With You


One of the greatest lessons I took from a dark moment in my life is that God is always there, no matter how we feel. — Sheila Walsh (Get Off Your Knees and Pray)

Women of Faith Wednesday


Whew, it’s hot outside! How do you beat the heat?



Prayer is a way for us to experience love—and not just us showing our love for God, but receiving love from God! — Sheila Walsh (Get Off Your Knees and Pray)

His Desire


God has put the world on my heart—he’s put it on all our hearts. His desire is that we would go into it—in whatever way we can. He has a gift for the entire world and it is in us, his people. —Luci Swindoll (I Married Adventure)