How To Find God


How do we find God?  Sometimes we search him out, and sometimes he finds us.  Every time we think of God it is because he first had us on his mind.  –Patsy Clairmont (Encouraging One Another)

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Care About Others


I believe it’s a mission that God himself has put in all of us.  As believers, we do not live on an island.  We are part of a great universe of people who are loved by God, and his desire is that, as his children, we care about others. –Luci Swindoll (Encouraging One Another)

Spread the Word


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The Details


Remember, He is sovereignly orchestrating the details of your life in spite of appearances. –Marilyn Meberg  (Tell Me Everything)

Operation Homefront


Military families coping with deployment and injury recovery face a variety of challenges. They may have been moved far from friends and family, so when unexpected difficulties arise, where do they turn? Many are turning to Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront provides emergency food assistance, auto and home repair, household items, short term transitional housing, help with



God intends that His good and perfect creation will be appreciated by us; that it give us pleasure. –Marilyn Meberg (Tell Me Everything)

It Works Every Time


You never saw him, yet you love him. You still don’t see him, yet you trust him—with laughter and singing. — 1 Peter 1:8 MSG I’ve been to the wall of adversity. I’ve wondered about God’s promise to deliver, and I’ve tried to seek out answers to the dilemmas I’ve faced. In the wall-waiting, searching time,



The shame that insists we have no value runs totally contrary to the Bible’s message that says we are of such value to be worth the death of God’s only Son on the cross. –Marilyn Meberg (Tell Me Everything)

Fully Known


There is nothing more liberating than being fully known and still loved. –Marilyn Meberg (Tell Me Everything)