7 Ways to Decorate Your Day


Sidle up to joy. Don’t have any yourself? Deliberately hang with those who do. Can’t think of anyone? Visit a kindergarten room. Or work in the church nursery. Those lovebugs have oodles of joy, and they share.  Give away something you value. Expect nothing in return. It will decorate your heart with a smile you

The Art of Waiting


Arguably one of the most difficult concepts in life for us to grasp is the art of waiting patiently. . . . But sometimes what we learn and who we become in the process of waiting is even more important than what we’re waiting on. . . . We’re all waiting for something. An answer.



The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want – Psalms 23 My daughter is at what I call the “gimmie” stage.  At seven years old, she just can’t seem to be content with whatever she has.  We’re not even out of the store with the new toy she’s been coveting or she’s not even

Hungry for More


But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck. —Genesis 27:40 Are you hungry for more? Notice it doesn’t say, “When you can’t take it anymore God will take the yoke off.” Nor did it say, “When you have suffered enough God will remove the yoke.” In fact, God is

Revival Starts with the Word


Revival. It’s such a big, powerful word. It represents restoration, strength, and awakening. When our faith is revived, it becomes deeper than ever. When our hearts are filled with the gospel’s Truth, we have the strength to face whatever comes our way. We can minister to our family and friends. We can counsel those in

Learning to Breathe Again


I love to make lists, set goals, and plan my days. You too? It feels so good when we finish a task and check it off. Done. But lately, God has been showing me that Real Life isn’t about to-do lists. It’s about breathing. It’s about embracing what Christ has already accomplished. It’s about freedom.

What Can I Invest to Change a Woman’s Life?


Thanks to our new outreach program, it may be as little as $20. We’ve set aside a limited number of seats at our 2014 From Survival to Revival events especially for women who need to hear solid Bible teaching and the good news that God loves them. For just $20 you can provide an outreach

It’s Never Too Late


I smiled when I read the poster in the window of the mall beauty salon: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” It was surrounded by pictures of the latest hairstyles and colors. I guess that was supposed to be the message: It’s never too late to be a blonde if

Heaven is for Real on DVD


Don’t miss your chance to own the heartwarming true story that became a #1 New York Times best-selling book and an inspirational movie for the whole family. Heaven is for Real releases on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, July 22.

Choose to Rejoice


Everywhere I turn today, something tries to steal my joy. If I can’t rejoice and be glad today, I will never rejoice and be glad. I will waste the joyous opportunities of today waiting for tomorrows that may or may not ever come. If I wait until life slows down, the sun comes back, the