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FreeToBeMe_featureThe teenage years are years of titanic change, growth and often struggle and negotiating one’s way through to adulthood has never been more challenging. The world our daughters are growing up in is quite different from the one we did. On so many fronts, what was considered outrageous merely ten years ago is now being passed off as normal. Things have changed and not for the better.   But some things have not changed. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and his fierce love, intention, strength and grace are still more than enough to see all of us through.   I wrote “Free to be Me; Becoming the Young Woman God Created You to be” out of my heart’s desire for girls to be encouraged, understood and equipped in the love of God to not merely survive their teen years but to actually enjoy them, enjoy God and enjoy becoming ever more their beautiful true self!  
Stasi Eldredge leads the women’s ministry of Ransomed Heart and is the co-author (with her husband, John) of Captivating and Love & War. Her books have sold nearly 3 million copies. Stasi and John have three sons and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

An Excerpt from Free to be Me

In order to have a life worth living, you need to be you. Not the parental- or friend- or boy-dictated version. Not the Internet-updated version. But the true version.   You are you. You actually can’t be anyone else. God made you you on purpose. You are the only one alive who ever was or ever will be you. “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” said the brilliant Dr. Seuss. You is not only who you get to be; it’s who you are supposed to be.   Problems come when we would rather be someone else. Anyone else. Sometimes others don’t like us. Sometimes we don’t like ourselves. We know where we are struggling or failing or hurting or simply wanting out. We know we are not all that we are meant to be.   So here’s the good news. You are meant to be you, but you are meant to become a better you. You are meant to change and grow in the ways you long to. That is, in fact, why you long to. The very fact that we long for the change we do is a sign that we are meant to have it. Our very dissatisfaction with our weaknesses and struggles points to the reality that continuing to live in them is not our destiny. Read those two sentences again.   See, that’s what life is all about. Moving forward and upward and becoming the next higher version of yourself, always. But not merely by your own efforts. Not by a strength of will or a bitter form of self-discipline or a rigorous regime of self-loathing. But through the love of God.   I want to grow. I want to change. I want to become more true, more loving, more authentic, more me. Jesus wants that too. He wants you to become more you, too! Jesus loves who you are. He sees you and knows you and thinks you’re amazing. He also knows who you are meant to be, and by his love and grace he wants to partner with you on your journey.   From Free to be Me© 2014 by Stasi Eldredge (David C Cook) Used by permission. FreetobeMe_blog_banner


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Uplifting stories about what God is doing in the lives of everyday women of faith, devotionals, interviews, webcast, Bible studies and more!