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Free eBooks for Connection members are now available through NetGalley. This is a change from our previous download process and we know it hasn’t been easy for some members to negotiate the new procedure. We are actively working to find a better solution that will be more user-friendly. Until we can put that solution in place (probably sometime later this year), we want to let you know the reason behind the change: Piracy of ebooks is a huge problem for the publishing industry. While no one is suggesting our members are part of the problem (we trust our members!), our publishing partners have established new requirements to protect their authors and books. Due to those requirements, we can no longer offer current books as downloadable files from our website. That means, for the time being, the only way to download our ebooks is via NetGalley. We expect this to be a temporary process and greatly appreciate your patience while we find a solution. Meanwhile, NetGalley provides a wealth of information and tips to help troubleshoot issues at: Here’s a link to NetGalley’s Device Guide, which gives step-by-step instructions for each device: We will also help (as best we can) anyone who requests help through our website. We have even provided a few of their tips here: You can also contact Net Galley directly and they will help troubleshoot. When you send your note, make sure to include that “I am a member of Zondervan’s Women of Faith (WOF) online review program.” Also include the link you used to download the book. Thank you for understanding . . . and happy reading!