The Nesting Place – FREE Download in JUNE


Have you given up on the idea that you can love your home? Do you find yourself thinking that your next house will be the one you love? Do you put off decorating projects until “someday” because someday you’ll have time and money to do it “right”? And yet do you long to create a

In His Eyes: Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be


Download the first two chapters FREE! Everyone wakes up with at least one big question each day. Some of the most common questions we ask ourselves as we reach for the snooze alarm may include, “Is it morning already?” “Can’t I sleep a little longer?” and “Where’s the coffee?” But the biggest question we ask

Women of Faith Webcasts Presents: The Storm Inside


Tuesdays, 7-7:30pm (CST), January 28 – February 5, 2014 Trade the Chaos of How You Feel for the Truth of Who You Are. In this FREE webcast series, best-selling author and Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh offers teaching and conversations about life’s storms with Lysa TerKeurst, Judah Smith, and Lisa Harper. They’ll share challenges

A Time for Everything Bible Study


Free Download! Imagine trying to stay balanced on top of a ball. How long could you last? A few seconds? A few minutes? Perhaps longer? This study will look at themes from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and the idea that there really is a season for everything. A lot of women want more balance in their life,

God’s Living Word Bible Study Free Download!


“The Bible is a book like no other. While we can learn much through seminaries and scholarly commentaries, God wants to reveal Himself to us through Scripture as we read and study right in our own homes. Unlike other books you read, the Bible doesn’t only offer wisdom for everyday life or practical advice for



“My heart is breaking as I remember how it used to be.” Psalm 42 I remember sitting in my daddy’s lap while we watched Bo and Luke Duke outfox Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazard. Yee-haw! I recall my parents moving me into the dorm and saying to my mom, “Well, you aren’t just

TheGateway Worship: A Journey of Discovery

Gateway Worship: A Journey of Discovery

“I’m always overwhelmed trying to describe what I feel when hearts come together in worship. It’s an incredible experience…” Amber Rhoads, Gateway Worship leader.Thousands of women who have already been to a Believe God Can Do Anything event can attest that the worship experience is something special. Gateway Worship leader Rebecca Pfortmiller muses, “Maybe it’s

Which Bible Version is Right for You?

Which Bible Version is Right for You?

A Free Downloadable Guide to English Translations of the Bible Did you know: there are roughly 450 different versions of the Scriptures—just in English! Why so many? Where did they all come from, anyway?  Which one is the best one? How do you choose? Which Version is Right for You? is here to help. If

Giggles to Go


A Free Download for Members Laughter is the best medicine! Marilyn Meberg looked it up and she tells us that laughter is “good for your liver.” (She should know; Marilyn is a champion giggler). So do your liver a favor and grab some Giggles To Go. This collection of humorous stories will tickle your funnybone

Grace for the Whole Family: 14 Days of Devotions for Adults & Kids

Grace for the Moment

Grace isn’t just for grownups! Download (FREE!) selected devotions from Grace for the Moment and Grace for the Moment: 365 Devotions for Kids. The kid-version is in kid-friendly language, but each day the same topic is covered in both versions. You and your child will both read about worry, forgiveness, heaven, and so on, then