Making A Difference

The Women of Faith community is impacting lives at home and abroad. Sometimes it’s through partnerships with organizations such as World Vision; other times it’s one woman with a great idea who makes it happen. See stories of women making a difference below.

Are You Making a Difference?

Do you know someone who is making a difference? Are you involved in a project or ministry that impacts lives in a positive way?

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So Much More Than a Flower


I’m a pushover when it comes to cute hair accessories so when I spotted big, friendly, crocheted flowers for sale I knew I had to have one. But this happy hair toy is much more than a charming accessory . . . it’s a powerful tool that is helping another woman break the cycle of

The Dress That Opened Doors


The great Charles Spurgeon is famous for saying, “If you give a man the gospel, wrap it in a sandwich. And if you give a man a sandwich, wrap it in the gospel.” I recently returned from a trip to Cambodia, and now I am thoroughly convinced that a simple pillowcase dress actually makes a

My Bonus Miracle


At 43 years old I am expecting a baby! I was not happy—at all—when I first found out. I was not rejoicing; I was angry. How could God put this on me now? I like my life just like it is. I have a wonderful husband of 22 years, my 15-year-old miracle son that we

Mission Regan: It Just Makes Sense!


The snow is falling, we just got home, and all is well in our little world.  The kids are happily playing with their new toys and Josh and I are finally exhaling.  Just as we settle onto the couch, Josh’s phone rings and within minutes, he is out the door and on his way to

Making a Difference: City of Angels NJ


We were at a loss as to what to do with our 6-foot, 2-inch blue-eyed blond-headed son at the height of his addiction. We had raised our children in church, but my son got involved with the wrong crowd at school. We lost him at the tender age of 20, five years ago.  My faith

Ethiopia Diary Entry # 5: Through Sam’s Eyes


In this week’s diary entry, Sandi Patty shares what it was like to experience the Ethiopia trip with her youngest child, sixteen-year-old Sam. See why Sandi says Ethiopia is “full of Sams” and hear about the impact the trip had on both of them—especially their visit to a local school. (Who knew Ethiopian schools had

A Place We Never Knew We Could Go


November 20th, 2010 my sister and I attended a Women of Faith convention in Hartford, Connecticut.  The theme for the weekend was Over the Top.  The speakers took turns sharing their testimonies as to how God has moved in their lives, changing them forever.  I heard the repeated message that God will take us places

Ethiopia Diary Entry #4 – A Gift to Us


The next entry in our Ethiopia Diary comes to us from Sheila Walsh, who tells us how their trip was not just a one-way blessing. See what she describes as “a gift to us” in the video below. Have you given someone a gift and found yourself blessed by the experience? Do you know someone

Ethiopia Diary Entry #3: Generations of Difference


Our Ethiopia Diary continues with this entry from Brenda Warner. Before you watch the video, stop just a moment to take a good look at your hands. Never mind about your manicure (or lack thereof), just think about all that your hands do every day . . . Now you’re ready to meet the amazing

Bags of Grace Revisited


After we posted Christa Mullins’ story about the bags she passes out to the homeless on her way to her Women of Faith event, questions and comments came pouring in: What a great idea! What kind of bags? What was in them? How can our group do this, too? So we asked Christa to share