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Generational Curses, Family abuse, and regretfully Church Abuse. (4 posts)

Topic tags: A call for Intercessors!!!! Prayer for civilian/militar, blended families!!!
  • Profile picture of Laticia C. Laticia C. said 1 year, 10 months ago:

    The word of God speaks about life and death being in the power of the tongue. I want to encourage others and myself to be careful what we say and the conditions of our heart. I am in the battle that I have tremendous growth in and I am asking for your love, prayer, and support. I am a pretty discreet person appropriately. Me and my boys have made effort after effort to escape the lifestyles of abuse and don’t want it apart of our future. I just couldn’t be under the supervision of an oppressor, wisdom. Daily I try to minister to others and avoid stumbling blocks through it all I count it all JOY!!!! God is given us stewardships and as a result I have been blessed with my own home and transportation again, and again, a long story. the righteous memory is blessed. He is there to catch us if we fall or if we are pushed. I am blessed to see souls won to Christ regularly. Ladies there are unspoken movements all the time by the ruler of the air!! PLEASE PRAY, PRAY, PRAY$. People really need your help the devil doesn’t like to be exposed but thats how he is defeated. I belong to a loving church community and we know how important prayer is and effective it can be with true believers. Peace.

  • Profile picture of Ashley Ashley said 1 year, 10 months ago:

    Praying for you and your family…

  • Profile picture of Laticia C. Laticia C. said 1 year, 9 months ago:

    Praise God the King! Today I listen to the bussle outside of my window of people stirring with the holiday cheer. I think of the feelings we get in the company of those who help us relax. I think about how its beneficial for peacesake to turn a cheek as opposed to create confusion. I also remember that God is faithful to perform the answers of the prayers of his children. I encourage others who have made a decision to serve the lost and reap the rewards of the Lord. It may look or seem hard but we walk by faith and not by sight. Who has ever seen a little miracle performed. Who woke up this morning. Who received a new car for their sweet sixteen? God is good. Today is the last day somebody is gonna scream at their child instead they will successfully communicate and end a cycle. Another family is healed of something more extreme. We will receive what we are praying for simply because Jesus offers it with salvation. Please share your faith with someone lost today.

  • Profile picture of Amada Preciado Amada Preciado said 1 year ago:

    God is faithful, thank you for sharing