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Beyond scared. Please send up a prayer. (6 posts)

  • Profile picture of Chenita M. Brown Chenita M. Brown said 2 years, 3 months ago:

    I am in need of prayer. On Tuesday, I will be offically homeless. Even typing this brings me to tears. I moved to this town 3 1/2 years ago alone leaving my family and my comfort zone 4 hours behind me. I moved because I thought that I was “in love” even though I knew in my heart I wasn’t. I have since moved on with my life and I have despartely tried to move back home, but without a job, it’s fianically impossible. I have never felt so hurt, lonely, and scared. I haven’t slept in days dreading my day that I will have no shelter. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks.

  • Profile picture of Diane Sambdman Diane Sambdman said 2 years, 3 months ago:

    Prayers going for you. I hope things get better soon. God bless you.

  • Profile picture of ForgivenAgain ForgivenAgain said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    I pray everything went well with u and that God has blessed u with a home!

  • Profile picture of Kathy Snell Kathy Snell said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    I am praying for you beloved child of God. The love of God never leaves nor forsakes you, He hears you, He sees you He knows your pain. But, pain Will turn to joy! Darkness into light! A few years back in the early 90′s I was in your situation. I lived in my car, got food where I could (no soup kitchens in the city I was in), cleaned up in public restrooms, walked the street by day and Walmart by night for safety and so no one would find out I was homeless. God answered my prayers (and I wasn’t even a follower of Christ back then-only aCINO). Today not only did Jesus take my life from homeless despair and depression, but I have a wonnderful home, husband, a Christ centered marriage, I went back to college and start my Masters in Theology next fall term, I have a home based business, most of all the experience taught me hummility and to wait upon the Lord and lean not on my own understanding. God is good, all the time! Yesterday, today and forever.
    There are many people in the community who , like I and my husband, open their homes to people in your circumstances. Pray the Lord will lead you and them to meet thus blessing both of you. God bless you child.
    Kathy Warsaw, IN

  • Profile picture of Royce Earlean Burnett Royce Earlean Burnett said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    I would just like to encourage you and let you know I will be praying for you. I do not know your situation right now. I would like you to know I to was in your situation about fifteen years ago. My mom had just died and I had been her caregiver for like thirteen years and I ended up in a homeless shelter being physically sick myself. There have been a lot of obstacles through grace and mercy for me since then, yet god has seen fit to bring me through near death several times and continues to. One of my prayers for you will be that he will saturate you with his provisional financial blessings for the rest of your life. Blessings and uplifted prayers.

  • Profile picture of Nikki Nikki said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    If Chenita is homeless, she is not reading these prayers.
    Lets keep ‘pushing’ (pray until something happens) on until we hear back!