• I want so desperately to freeze this moment. To drink in every sound, every sight, every delightful evidence of life. So many things to be thankful for.


    I’ve had thousands of these everyday life minutes, […]

  • ThumbnailNot too long ago, I stood at the sink trying to ease the stabbing feeling of stress. I had so much pulling at me.

    I found myself rushing my husband in conversation. Rushing my kids out the door. Rushing to the […]

  • ThumbnailDo you ever feel a little worn down and a lot worn out? Is your schedule dictated by the requests and endless demands that rush at you each day? When more requests come, do you ever dread saying yes but feel […]

  • ThumbnailEverywhere I turn today, something tries to steal my joy. If I can’t rejoice and be glad today, I will never rejoice and be glad. I will waste the joyous opportunities of today waiting for tomorrows that may or […]

  • ThumbnailThe other day I was in the kitchen with my teenage son. I was going through the mail. He was stirring a pot of rice. It was a rare, quiet moment in our house where all the other kids were gone so I wanted to make […]

  • ThumbnailSatisfy your deepest desires with God, not food. Just because a woman finally fits into her skinny jeans doesn’t mean she’s won her battle with food. Too often, women overlook the spiritual component to their […]

  • ThumbnailHi Friends,

    I’m having SO much fun on tour with Women of Faith this year. Maybe we’ve met in your city already and shared some laughs. Or maybe the Women of Faith tour is coming to a city near you in the next […]

  • ThumbnailJesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 (NIV 1984)
    I put my head against my bedroom wall, closed my eyes, and whispered, “There’s no […]

  • ThumbnailThe sky was blue. The snow crisp white. The mountain slopes full of choices to be made. Which run will we take?

    A “blue run” is what we tackled first.

    This is how slopes are labeled by the ski officials. The […]

  • ThumbnailHi friends,

    I’m here in Charlotte, NC getting ready for an exciting year on tour with Women of Faith! It’ll be a time full of friendship, laughs, and fun girlfriend chats.

    And since we’re getting “up close” […]

  • ThumbnailThe space between our expectations and our reality is a fertile field. It will grow something. Disappointment.

    When I was in high school, I had a friend whose sister had the coolest hairdo. It was cropped short […]

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