• Sweet friend! Thank you. So blessed to see what God is doing in your life and calling. “An introvert with an extrovert’s assignment” . . . makes me wonder how many others are out there feeling exactly the same, […]

  • Seven years was our decision point as well. We had two foster adopted daughters and one toddler who was having seizures after tumbling hard. We’d lost ourselves, our marriage-ness. At one point we just decided to […]

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    This: “I’m incredibly thankful for potential. It means that in the right hands, the ordinary can become extraordinary.” Indeed. So grateful for that potential, too. In my kids, myself, my marriage, with friends. […]

  • Sandra, thank you for sharing your heart. Precious sister in the Lord, praying His arms wrap tight around you and your family, that He show Himself strong on your behalf, and that the peace that passes […]

  • That bejeweled temple—that honoring God with fine things—is such a lost art to us these days. Love that you bless God through jewelry making. I can just picture God smiling, watching His girl taking after His […]

  • Sounds like you see others before they see themselves sometimes! I seem to recall a certain guy sitting on the shores of Galilee who had that effect on a lot of people. May He release and heal many through your intuitiveness.

  • Oh, that third one! To have the empathy and quietness to really see people who need someone to see and pray for them. What a gift. And the discernment and brainstorming gifts to boot. Praising God for your prayer […]

  • ThumbnailEver felt like the odd one in the room? Like when God handed out personalities or abilities, you got the weird one?

    You are not alone!

    My weirdness is the way my brain emphasizes words in sentences. For […]

  • Yes! And not only that, but this world needs what you have, too. Nobody else reveals God’s love and action in the unique ways you do. Without you, we’re missing out!

  • Those are some precious tears, friend. And imagine how God feels when we realize that? He’s just waiting and waiting for us to see who he sees in us. (((hugs))) to you today!

  • Mary, it’s so hard for all of us. I think that’s one of the biggest ways our enemy keeps us confused and out of relationship. If we were to see what God’s really done in designing us and the people around us, what […]

  • Hmmmm. That phrase “wish we could hide them” makes me think of a little song my daughters sing. . . “Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m gonna let it shine. . . let it shine . . . let it shine. . . let it shine!” […]

  • ThumbnailImagine it’s your birthday. You’re all dressed up, enjoying lunch with a friend. After the plates are cleared, she passes you the shiny wrapped box. She grins and says, “Open it! I saw this, and it was so perfect […]

  • Praying alongside you. Lord, you want our communities, cities, nation — even more than we do. Please touch lives, heal families, open doors for ministry. Stir us with love for our neighbors, coworkers, people we […]

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