marilyn meberg

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  1. Dear Marilyn,
    Just got back to Long Island from the WOF conference in Hartford. As usual, you were so encouraging and relevant in your message and I just want you to know that when I wake up and get on line for gas tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM, I will be waiting with a CONTENT and GRATEFUL heart! I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be in Hartford this weekend. We had to change our transportation plans and take the ferry to get to CT because of the carpooling restrictions on the highways and bridges but God made a way for us and it felt so wonderful to be in that arena, covered in His goodness and grace. Thank you to all the speakers who came to uplift and encourage us this weekend. I have been attending WOF for 10 years and I knew that it would be worth the effort that it took to get there this weekend. God bless!
    Luise Percoco

  2. 2 years ago
    Jennifer Clancy says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I just read about your leaving WOF. I must tell you that I remember the impact you, Barb, Patsy, and Sheila Walsh have had on my life. You have touched more lives than you will ever know, because as
    we go home from WOF, we are changed. We go and touch others and it is a ripple effect. I know when you reach the pearly gates God will say, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.” You will have jewels in your crown and that beautiful smile on your face. THANK YOU for your many years with WOF and for sharing of yourself for the work of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless you with more time to smell the roses :)

  3. 2 years ago
    Charmayne Weddle says

    Dear Mrs. Meberg,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I was your student in third grade at Rancho View Elementary. You were my favorite teacher. I became a teacher because of you. I remember your husband as well at Rancho View. I just wanted to let you know that I never forgot you and you inspired me to teach. I teach in Riverside, California as a Special Education teacher for high school emotionally disturbed teens for about four years now. I have such fond memories of you as my teacher. I am glad to see that you are still alive and well and active.
    Thank you for all the inspiration,
    Charmayne (Bequette) Weddle

  4. Yesterday May 21st you commented on the fact that Christian Counseling was important to a Christian. Unfortunately, as a victim of a violent crime against me I DID contact my church first, a large church of more than 3000 members – the church staff did not respond to me, he listened to my story – gave me one scripture – did not even tell me where it was and said they had “anxiety classes” I could attend. I had to turn to the Victims Advocate of our County and they and Counseling that I have been receiving, helped me to write the victim impact statement for the court and the Judge of the Court so the perpetrator could face his consequences. The church needs to learn to deal with helping women who have been a victim of a violent crime. The church says “you have Jesus – you are fine” – sorry..that does not help me. I am trying to get better but post traumatic stress disorder is REAL!

  5. 2 years ago
    Karen Zinser says

    Last year I was in the grocery store, of all places, and bought a little book called Joy for a Woman’s Soul. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it, in fact bought 5 more to share with daughter and friends. I love the nuggets of wisdom and feel like all the ladies who contributed are old friends. Thank you, and I am on my 3rd time reading it. God bless you all. Please share this with the other ladies. Blessings, Karen

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