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Where can I find the current schedule of event cities and dates?

Click here to visit our event page for current tour information.

How does Women of Faith select the event cities?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding where to hold an event. The most obvious need is a venue that will hold enough women, but there are many other things we take into consideration, such as proximity to other events, professional teams’ schedules, etc.

Can you make an announcement for me at an event?

We are delighted when women choose to celebrate special occasions at our events. However, due to the number of announcements that must be made in order to keep the event flowing smoothly it is extremely rare that we have the opportunity to make birthday, anniversary, or other personal announcements and still stay true to all that God has called us to accomplish over the weekend. Thank you for understanding.

I lost something at an event. What do I do?

All found objects are turned in to the event venue. Please contact the facility and ask for their Lost and Found department. If you lost a credit/debit card, contact your credit card company or bank immediately and inform them your card has been lost.

Is this event available in Spanish?

Yes! Live, simulcast translation is provided via radio broadcast. Those who prefer Spanish may bring their own listening device with headphones or check one out from the limited number available at Guest Services; the frequency will be announced on the JumboTron at the event. No special seating is necessary for Spanish translation.

Is sign language interpretation provided?

Yes! A special section is set aside for those requiring sign language interpretation. Please be sure to request this section when you register.

What should I wear to Women of Faith?

There is no dress code but for your own comfort we recommend the following:
  • Comfortable Shoes. We love a good pair of heels as much as the next girl, but bear in mind that you will be walking, standing in lines, and most likely climbing steps, so choose your footwear accordingly.
  • Layers. It is extremely difficult to regulate the temperature in large spaces like arenas and auditoriums. A light jacket or long-sleeved shirt can make a big difference to your comfort.
  • A Smile! If you can’t manage to bring one with you, we’ll give you at least one before you leave.

Is there a quiet place I can go to pray at the event?

A room will be set aside for those who need a quiet place to pray. If you’re interested in serving as a prayer room volunteer, please contact Debbie Stuart.

Do you provide child care?

No, the large-scale setting and crowds make that impractical. We do offer a room for nursing mothers.

Are seats reserved or general admission?

Most of our events have reserved seats, but some are general admission. Please see the event page for your city’s event for more information on the seating at your event.

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What payment methods are accepted?

All major debit/credit cards are accepted for both online and phone registration.

Can I register at the box office the day of the event?

Yes, as long as the event is not sold out.

How much does it cost to attend a Women of Faith event?

That depends on which event you wish to attend and where you want to sit. Visit and select your desired event to see pricing options.

Why do I have to go to Will Call for my registrations?

Usually this is because there is not enough time between your registration and the event to ensure that your registration will arrive in time. For faster service, please bring your printed confirmation email with you.

When will I get my registration packet in the mail?

You may expect it 2-4 weeks prior to your event date.

Are there opportunities for volunteers?

We need the services of several hundred volunteers at each event. Volunteers either attend the event free of charge or earn free registrations for another. Learn more about volunteering at a Women of Faith event—including how to sign up—in the Volunteer section.

Can I bring my child? Is there a reduced rate for children?

Girls in their teens frequently attend and enjoy the events, however the length of the sessions and the arena setting are not ideal for young children. We encourage you to make other arrangements for younger children so you will be able to enjoy the program uninterrupted. A room will be available for nursing mothers at the event. Children under 2 years of age will be admitted to the event without a ticket provided they sit on a guest’s lap and do not occupy a seat. Any child 2 years of age and older will require a ticket; there is not a reduced rate for children.

If I can only come to part of the event, do I have to pay full price?

Yes. We do not offer partial registration, however some women share their registration with another who can attend the part of the event she cannot.

Why is there a Service Fee?

In most, if not all, of our venues, we are charged a fee for each person in attendance. This small fee partially offsets that cost so we can continue to spread the message of God’s love and grace to as many people as possible.

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I want show my talent/my friend’s talent at an event. How do I go about that?

We appreciate your desire to share your gift with others. However, our talent is booked well in advance and our events are structured in such a way that we do not have time to add segments and still stay true to all that God has called us to accomplish over the weekend. We pray God will guide you every step of the way as you pursue opportunities to use the gifts He’s given you.

Will I be able to get an autograph from the speakers/artists?

In most cases, speakers and artists will be available during the break following their message/concert to sign books, CDs, etc.

Where can I find out more about the speakers/artists?

You’ll find more information about our current speakers and artists in each the event information page for each city.

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What type of vendors are at the arena?

This varies by facility. Please check the Web site for your event’s venue for information.

How long is the lunch break?

Please see your city’s event page for the schedule of that event.

What if I have a medical condition that requires a special diet?

Most arenas say (on their Web sites) they will make exceptions to the “no outside food or drink” rule for medical conditions. You will need to contact the arena directly to request an exception. We recommend you get it in writing so you’ll have something to show the security guard at the door when you arrive.

Can I bring food/drinks with me?

Unfortunately, virtually all facilities forbid bringing outside food and drinks into their building. If you want to pack a something to leave in your car for tailgating/snacks during breaks, that’s just fine. If you want to bring an empty water bottle to fill at a water fountain inside, that’s probably fine, too. (Clear bottles are recommended.) Other goodies are banned. Sorry! Those rules are outside our control.

Are box lunches available? What is in the box lunch?

Please see your city’s event page for more information about box lunches at your event.

TransportationTIP: click each question to see the answer.

Yes, we do! In our Hotels section, you’ll be able to view available hotels with discounted rates, compare prices and distance from the event, and more.

Where do I park? How much does parking cost?

Parking information—including directions and approximate cost—can be found on each city’s event page. Parking prices are set by lot/garage owners and vary.

Are there shuttles from the hotels?

Women of Faith does not provide shuttles, but hotels occasionally do. Please check with your hotel for more information.

GroupsTIP: click each question to see the answer.

Where will I find Group Leader materials?

You’ll find posters, flyers, videos, and more on your city’s event page.

How do I become a Group Leader?

It’s easy! Contact the local Event Representative for your city or call 1.888.493.2484 to take the first step.

Are there discounts for groups?

Yes! Groups of 10 or more can register at a $10 discount (per person) off the regular price of Premium and Standard seats when you enter the group code. The group code is shown on the event information page for each city.  On the far right you will see prices listed and then a “Group 10+” link.  Click the link to see the code for that event. In addition, groups of 25 or more may receive one FREE registration for every 25 paid. Contact the local Event Representative for your city or 888.493.2484 to register and take advantage of this offer.
Yes, we send emails to those who attend that include links and information after each event.

VolunteerTIP: click each question to see the answer.

Can I choose where (area of service) I volunteer?

You will be able to request a position, just be aware that some positions fill up quickly. You will receive a confirmation email if you are confirmed on the team of your choice.

What about parking, hotel and travel expenses for volunteers?

You are responsible for any parking fees, hotel and travel expenses.

Do you need male volunteers?

What if I have to cancel?

If you must cancel, please provide at least two weeks’ notice by phone or email. (In case of emergency, please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email). You may suggest a replacement for your position, however there is no guarantee that person will be accepted in your place. Individuals already on the volunteer waiting list will be given priority when volunteer positions become available.

May I bring a friend, child or family member with me while volunteering?

No. Guests may not accompany you to the event unless they are registered for the event themselves. If you have a friend interested in volunteering, please invite them to apply for a volunteer position online

What if I have another question?

Please email and a Volunteer Coordinator will respond to your email.

What about parking, hotel and travel expenses for volunteers?

Volunteers are responsible for any parking fees, hotel and travel expenses.

Several friends and I are volunteering together – will our seats be located together?

Each volunteer will have a seat in the arena.

Where will my seat be located?

We make every effort to provide excellent seats for our volunteers, but sometimes we are restricted by a variety of factors, such as building size, total attendance, production issues, etc. Your volunteer seat will most likely be located close to where you are volunteering.

May I sign up my friends to volunteer?

No. Each person must individually apply to volunteer. This ensures that they have read and understood their volunteer commitment and responsibilities and have agreed to them. Please encourage your friends to apply to be a volunteer! Make it easy by emailing a friend the Web site address or print the Volunteer Registration Form for them. The form can be mailed or faxed to our office.

Products & MaterialsTIP: click each question to see the answer.

Can I purchase a video of the event? Can I purchase a video of an individual message?

DVDs are available (for a limited time) for each event tour. These DVDs are a compilation of the speakers’ messages and may not represent a specific city’s event. In addition, we offer individual messages for sale in our Digital Download Store.   

Can you help me get my book published?

WestBow Press, helps authors self-publish all genres of books, specializing in books with Christian morals, inspirational themes and family values. Whether you have goals of commercial success or simply desire to create a book for friends and family, WestBow Press can help you create your book in your vision. We understand that your dreams are unique. Even if your ultimate goal is to publish traditionally, WestBow Press can be your foot in the door. As a division of Thomas Nelson, the titles published by WestBow Press are actively monitored to identify those books that show promise and strength in the marketplace. In every author’s success story, there is a history and a beginning. With WestBow Press, you now have the opportunity to begin or advance your career as an author, share your story and start shaping your future. Visit WestBow Press to get started today! If you are interested in pursuing a traditional publishing relationship, you may consider submission of your manuscript proposal to where royalty publishers will have the opportunity to review your work.
The books featured as the Book of the Month are chosen by committee after careful consideration of the subject matter, quality of writing, and other criteria. We do not have any openings for additional books at this time.

I want to print my own shirts/products using the Women of Faith logo. Is that OK?

We appreciate that you want to personalize t-shirts for your group. However, our logo and the name “Women of Faith” are registered trademarks. Due to U.S. copyright law, we cannot permit others to use our logo without a license. However, prior to the event your group may purchase any Women of Faith shirt from our online store, which can be shipped to your home in time for everyone in your group to wear it to the event.

CompanyTIP: click each question to see the answer.

What does Women of Faith believe?

Women of Faith is a Christ-centered organization with a Biblical world-view. We believe the Bible is the only inspired Word of God, breathed into existence by Him and inerrant in its revelation. We believe there in only one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has revealed Himself through Creation, history and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe humankind is separated from God through sin/rebellion and can only be reconciled into a right relationship with Him by putting our faith in the perfect/sinless life, substitutionary death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we believe we are saved by divine grace alone, that there’s nothing we can do to justify/save ourselves. We also believe that after salvation, the Holy Spirit indwells believers and enables us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s love and therefore to live in a way that honors Him. Finally, we believe the Bible encourages unity among followers of Christ, corporate worship (church), Bible reading, prayer, community and compassionate care for the poor.

What denomination is Women of Faith?

Our mission is to encourage women and teens from all walks of life to grow in an understanding of God’s love and grace, faith and spiritual maturity through a relationship with Jesus Christ. All women are invited to attend, regardless of age, race, religious background, or lack of religious background. We are purposefully broad in welcoming every woman to our events, no matter where she is in her journey of faith. The gospel message is given at each event. We understand that denominational ties are important to many people. However, we’ve found that it’s best to focus on our common beliefs in Jesus and His saving grace rather than our differences. Click here to read our Statement of Faith

Can I donate money to Women of Faith? Is it tax-deductible?

Women of Faith is not a nonprofit company and therefore cannot accept donations. Please visit one of our nonprofit partners for donation opportunities. You’ll find a list of partners on our partner page.

I’d like to talk to someone about a corporate sponsorship.

That’s great! Click here to take the next step.

How do I share my story with Women of Faith?

If you’d like to encourage someone else by sharing your story with our community, please submit it via our “share your story” form here.

How can I exhibit my [product/ministry/etc.] at your event?

Space for booths/exhibits at our events is extremely limited and is used for Women of Faith resources and information from our tour partners. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate local partners at individual events. For information about corporate sponsorships for an event tour, see below.

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Where do I edit my subscription preferences?

Would you like to sign up for a weekly email or the daily email? Are you seeking to learn more about God’s Word through Bible study? Do you want to stay updated about future events or offers? We have all of these options and more. Go here to manage your preferences and choose the type of emails you would like to receive from us.

I’m not receiving emails from Women of Faith.

With the various spam filters offered to users online, our emails to you may be blocked or delivered to spam folders, or displayed incorrectly. If you have spam protection with your email account, or an independent service protecting your email, you will need to check and maybe change your settings to make sure that our email will be delivered to you appropriately. See below for guidelines to some larger email service providers. If you need further assistance with this, we recommend contacting your ISP or Spam Filter provider directly for instructions.

In AOL Mail, click ‘Setting’, then select ‘Spam Controls’ on the left navigator and click Control From Whom I get Email. Select allow mail only from senders on ‘my custom sender list’. This will bring up a window for you to add senders of your choice. To be sure that you don’t miss any of our emails, add Women of Faith to your address book with the email address of To do this type in and click on Add and then Save. Any email from Women of Faith should be delivered to you without delay.

Login at Click on the “Known Spam Folder” link on the left side of the page. This folder collects any email that Earthlink automatically detects as spam and is deleted every 14 days. Be sure to check it often so that you do not miss any email from Women of Faith or any other sender. To check and adjust your spam settings click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the page while you are in your Known Spam Folder. There are three levels of protection. If you are set at the highest setting, any email from an address not in your address book will automatically be delivered as spam into your spam folder. To be sure that you don’t miss any of our emails, add Women of Faith to your address book with the email address of If you have trouble entering this, please contact Earthlink for assistance.

Login at Click ‘Spam’ along the left side of any Gmail page. This folder collects any email that Gmail automatically detects as spam. Be sure to check it often so that you do not miss any email from Women of Faith or any other sender.

Use Gmail’s ‘Not Spam’ button to unmark mail that’s been misclassified. Just open ‘Spam,’ check the box next to the message that isn’t spam, and click ‘Not Spam’ along the top. You’ll also see the ‘Not Spam’ button at the top of spam messages you’ve opened, so you can unmark messages from Conversation View, too. Unmarking messages moves them to your inbox.

Login at Click on the “Junk” button on the left-hand side. This folder collects any email that Hotmail automatically detects as spam and deletes it after 7 days. Be sure to check it often so that you do not miss any email from Women of Faith or any other sender. To check and adjust your spam settings, click the ‘Options’ link on the upper right of any Hotmail page, then select ‘Safe and blocked senders’. To add Women of Faith to your safe list, select the ‘Safe Senders’ link then type in the text box, and hit “Add to list”.

Login at Click on the ‘Bulk’ link on the left side of the page. This folder collects any email that Yahoo!’s SpamGuard automatically detects as spam and deletes it after 30 days. Be sure to check it often so that you do not miss any email from Women of Faith or any other sender.

To make sure all the images in the email appear correctly, add to your Safe Senders list. On the Tools menu, click ‘Options’, then click ‘Junk E-mail’. Select the “Safe Senders” tab and click ‘Add’. Type in the “Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list” box, then click OK. To ensure wanted email arrives in your inbox, when you see it in the Bulk folder, click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the page. Alternatively, click the ‘Mail Options’ link top right of your inbox, then select ‘Filters’ in the central ‘Management’ section. Click the Add button and, on the next screen, name your filter ‘Women of Faith’ and type in the text box across from the words “From header:”. Finally select ‘Inbox’ from the ‘Choose Folder’ drop-down list, and hit the Add Filter button.

Simulcast & WebcastTIP: click each question to see the answer.

What is a Women of Faith Simulcast?

Simulcasts offer Women of Faith an opportunity to expand the Women of Faith event experience that many of you experienced as ticket holders into venues and churches across the nation. There are cities across the world that will not have the opportunity to host a live Women of Faith event due to logistics and travel schedules of our speakers and guests. Simulcasts are an investment in the community at large and not an individual product. For information about Women of Faith simulcasts that are currently available, please visit our simulcast partner,

How do I host a Women of Faith Simulcast at my church?

Simulcasts are an easy way to bring the live experience to your church. All you really need is a high speed internet hook up and a large screen to display the event. You find more information and become a host site by visiting They have representatives who will talk you through then entire process.

What is an “on-demand” simulcast?

On-demand simulcast are offered to churches/organizations that were unable to broadcast the event live. They are not offered for individual purchase.

What is a Women of Faith Webcast?

Unlike simulcast events, webcasts are designed to be viewed on an individual basis although they may also be enjoyed in a group setting. These broadcasts are often free and are available on-demand. Learn more about Women of Faith Webcasts here.


What happened to my image/avatar?

We recently upgraded our website; while the web address ( remains the same, a lot of things moved behind the scenes. If you’ve ever moved to a new home, you know that something inevitably gets lost or left behind in the process. In our recent move, the images that had been uploaded by members of the Women of Faith Community ‘fell off the truck’ and did not make it to the new place. You’ll need to upload another image (or the same one, if it’s still your favorite) to the new site . . . maybe you can consider it an opportunity to freshen up your online look!

How do I leave comments on the blog? / Why can’t I leave comments on the blog anymore?

Due to the redesign of our website, the comment feature of our blog is now tied to Facebook. You must be logged into a Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account in order to leave a comment.

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I don’t see the Women of Faith Connection area on the Website. Where did it go?

Due to increasing difficulty in obtaining new content to provide as a benefit to our members, the Women of Faith Connection program has been discontinued. Anyone interested in personal, spiritual leadership/development, including Group Leaders, Women’s Ministry Leaders, or women serving in the church, is invited to sign up for Ministry Connection, a FREE monthly newsletter. Sign up for Ministry Connecton here.