Women of Faith FAQs

Where can I find the schedule for the next Women of Faith tour?
The 2015/2016 Farewell Tour was truly our farewell to Women of Faith event tours; no new “Women of Faith” tours are planned at this time. HOWEVER, in 2017 Women of Faith presents Sisters: A Celebration of Friendship featuring Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont and friends who will be familiar to Women of Faith audiences: Anita Renfroe and Jan Silvious. Learn more about Sisters.

What are the Women of Faith speakers doing now?
Some have retired; some are speaking at other events. We suggest you visit their individual Web sites (if they have one) or Facebook pages to see what our Porch Pals are up to these days.

Can I purchase videos of past Women of Faith events?
A number of messages from our 2004-2015 tours are available for purchase and digital download here.

How can I contact a Women of Faith speaker?
Check their individual Web sites or Facebook pages for their contact information. We do not forward messages to past speakers.