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Get the word out and sign up members for your group. Detailed event information, flyers, web banners and other promotional materials and more can be found on each event page. Find your event’s page

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Read the group leader FAQ or contact us by phone or email .
Bring a Group Most women like to do things together; we’re just wired that way! When we find a great deal on shoes, a reliable babysitter, a fantastic new cupcake place, or anything that makes life just a little better, we want to share it. Women of Faith Group Leaders share the opportunity to attend a transformational Women of Faith event.

WHO is a Group Leader?

Anyone can be a Group Leader! All it takes is a willing heart and a desire to serve (although a knack for organizing things certainly doesn’t hurt). In fact, you may already be a Group Leader. Are you the one who sends out the emails or makes the calls that make things happen? Are you the one who rounds up your friends, even if it’s just a carload? Congratulations: You’re a Group Leader.

WHAT does a Group Leader do?

She’s the one who brings her 3 girlfriends together, or her family, or the church’s whole women’s group to the event. She’s the point person, the one who gets everyone together. If that group is 10 or more, everyone involved will receive the group rate. Some Group Leaders also arrange transportation to/from the event, hotel stays during the event, meals, goodie bags, and more—but that is up to you.

WHY be a Group Leader?

The reason we hear most often is that it’s a ministry. Our Group Leaders know the women they bring to Women of Faith will experience a refreshing, strengthening, encouraging time with God and each other. For almost two decades, Women of Faith has been bringing women together in events across North America. They come from all walks of life and all kinds of circumstances. Some have had a relationship with God for years; others meet Jesus for the first time at our events. Married, single, grandmothers, mothers, and those who wish they were—these Christian women all find strength and renewal at Women of Faith. Serving as a Group Leader won’t always be easy (but then, what is?), but it will be worth it in the end! NEW! Special Benefits for 2015 Group Leaders. Details here.

WHEN do you start?

Now would be good. It’s really never too early. As long as we’re not sold out, it’s probably never really too late, either—but the sooner you start, the easier it will be because that will give you the most time to gather your group and the better your seats will be.

HOW do you begin?

Are you ready to purchase your tickets now? Click here to place your order. If you would like to be contacted by a member of the Women of Faith team or you would like to receive a Group Leader Kit in the mail, please fill out the fields below and a representative will be in touch with you soon. Our team is here to assist you with whatever you may need.


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Uplifting stories about what God is doing in the lives of everyday women of faith, devotionals, interviews, webcast, Bible studies and more!