Bring a Group

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Bring A Group
We Love Our Group Leaders!

WHO is a Group Leader?
Anyone can be a Group Leader! All it takes is a willing heart and a desire to serve (although a knack for organizing things certainly doesn’t hurt) . . .
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WHAT does a group leader do?
She’s the one who brings her 3 girlfriends together, or her family, or the church’s whole women’s group to the event. She’s the point person. . . .
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WHEN do you start?
Now would be good. It’s really never too early. As long as we’re not sold out, it’s probably never really too late, either—but the sooner you start . . .
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HOW to get started
If you would like to be contacted by a member of the Women of Faith team or you would like to receive a Group Leader Kit in the mail . . .
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We will contact you and send A Group Leader Kit!

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