Women of Faith Woman-to-Woman Outreach Program

 You provide an Outreach seat. We give it to a woman in need. It’s that simple.

Outreach_header-img Sara* is a busy mom whose days are filled running from the office to daycare to soccer games. Every night she falls into bed exhausted only to jump up the next morning and do it all over again. She wonders where God is in the midst of her crazy life . . . or if He even sees how she’s struggling.   Ashley* was hit hard by the layoffs at her company last year. Months later she still carries the stress and worries of finding what’s next. She feels isolated, abandoned, and alone.  Norah’s husband Bill died two years. Now in a new neighborhood and season of retirement, she’s desperate for friendships. She needs to know God has a plan and a purpose for the rest of her life.  These women (and others like them) are all around you: doing your nails, helping you at the store, teaching your children, living next door . . . often hiding their aching hearts under a pleasant façade so you can’t see the pain inside. They would love to go to Women of Faith but it’s just not possible this year. So we created a way to help the Saras, Ashleys, and Norahs in our communities to receive the encouragement, inspiration, and respite a Women of Faith event provides.  We’ve set aside a limited number of outreach seats at our 2014 From Survival to Revival events. Your gift of just $20 will allow a woman who would not otherwise be able to attend Women of Faith to experience an event. One twenty-dollar donation could make all the difference to a woman in need. Just ask any of the 387,600-plus women who made a first-time decision for Christ at Women of Faith: the experience can be life-changing. 

Will You Invest $20 to Change a Woman’s Life?

Provide an Outreach Seat
  Outreach Program FAQ Can I choose the recipient of my $20 seat? Please allow us to select someone from the group of women who have requested an Outreach seat. Will the Outreach seat recipient be at the event in my city? Not necessarily; the need is greater in some cities than others so the Outreach seats will be filled where there is the greatest need. Is my $20 gift tax deductible? No, not at this time. May I provide an Outreach seat for more than one woman? Absolutely, you may choose to give as many as you wish. Can I suggest someone who needs an Outreach seat? Yes, you may nominate someone here May I request an Outreach seat? Certainly; please fill out this request form to be considered. As a limited number of Outreach seats are available, completing this form does not guarantee you will receive a seat. How do I provide an Outreach seat? Click here and choose the number of Outreach seats you wish to contribute. *Compilation; not a specific woman’s story.