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  1. Wow! Im a WOF conference virign and really looking forward to this bit nervous but excited for a new start!!!

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Renee says

    Please come to TN!

  3. I don’t see Atlanta scheduled for Women of Faith Tour 2014. I just moved here from Ct and am so disappointed Atlanta is not included! Please please try to have this amazing tour to include Atlanta as well! Thank you and God Bless!!

  4. 3 months ago
    Erin N Buck says

    Hi! My name is Erin Buck. This is the second time I have lead a group of ladies down to the WOF conference. Once again, I have been blown away about how amazing these speakers are! I had three new ladies join our group this year and they were very happy. They felt so enlightened! Great job WOF and all the people who put this together, you all did an AMAZING job! Matthew West, CeCe Wilans, and Gateway Worship you all were OUTSTANDING! I will definitely be leading another group of ladies down to the WOF conference next year, God willing! Have a Wonderful and Safe Tour ladies! Love you!

    Erin N Buck
    Delta, Ohio

  5. 3 months ago
    Lisa Butler says

    I have attended Women of Faith events since 1997 – THIS YEAR WILL BE MY 14TH YEAR at Women of Faith, had to take a break for 3 years, two of them to have babies, and one after a surgery. This will be my daughter’s maiden journey to Women of Faith at the great age of 11 this year. I’ve gone with my best friends, sister, mom, mother-in-law, step mom, sisters-in-law…every year has a different flavor, especially since the old slate of speakers has been changed up to include the current “hotties” on the Christian women’s radar. My favorites over the past 17 years? Patsy Clairmont, Sheila Walsh, Tim Hawkins and Brenda Warner in Phoenix, Natalie Grant (before she got realllly famous), and the snuggly wearing Mandisa. My first event was at The Pit, in Albuquerque, NM. One of my all-time favorite WOFs was at the old Dallas location right after 9/11 featuring Kathy Tracolli, during a horrendous thunderstorm. She finished singing and was really talking from the heart, sharing, and was in the middle of saying that the US is strong and we will come back from such tragedy and horror and that if we pray, as a nation for HIS guidance, HE will see us thru. Right then the lightning flashed, the thunder boomed SO LOUD the building shook and everyone gapsed and screamed! She just giggled and yelled, “So sayeth the LORD!!” And everyone went nuts. It was soooo awesome!! So looking forward to praising God and worshipping with my 70-100,000 sisters-in-Christ! See you soon Dallas!!

  6. 3 months ago
    wanda marshall says

    I would like to become a partner, member, and a motivational speaker at your events. I am interested in being a mentee to someone in the faith who does not mind helping a sister along on the journey. Let this be the beginning of my next level of growth in Christ so that I can minister to others in my area of calling..”Strengthening Women for the Race”

  7. 4 months ago
    karen Kent says

    Just wondering when the tickets will be coming for the Columbus event…. its in a few weeks, am excited….

  8. 4 months ago
    Tracy says

    Really hoping San Antonio gets added in again this year. I fly out to visit my friend and we make a girls weekend out of it. Such a great experience to share with a dear friend.

  9. 4 months ago
    nkayi abadian says

    My name is abadian,i have been listening and enjoying your programme but never oppotune to write untill today.I feel great writing.Your music draw into christrenity,when i loosed my pereant at the age nine,i thoughted it was over for me but by the grace of God and with help of your gosple in this crazy world of today i can keep to the lord commament.Thanks for your time and stay bless in Jesue name.

  10. 5 months ago
    Janet says

    The church I attend is thinking of going what does the cost get you? Is it just the seating in the arena? Where are the local hotels? And is there food at the event? Thank you!

  11. 5 months ago
    Teresa Martin says

    Anxiously awaiting my first WOF event!!

  12. 6 months ago
    Jackie Slagle says

    Waiting to attend my first WOF event.

  13. 7 months ago
    Christina says

    Hoping to see events scheduled in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

  14. 7 months ago
    Carol K says

    Event section only provides 3 options of events to choose from so I chose the first one to be able to complete the form, however, I would be interested information on the Portland, OR show only because I live on the West Coast!

  15. 8 months ago
    karen kent says

    Just wondering if the box lunches are still available, its been awhile since I have been to one of your conferences. Also how soon should we book for the Columbus conference. I have about 10 women coming with me…thank you Karen

    • Hello Karen,

      Yes we will have lunches for purchase for our Revival Tour. We will be putting the link to purchase on your event page soon. Check back soon at http://www.womenoffaith.com/events/ We’ll have a link to purchase your Lunches right next to the Register buttons when they’re made available for purchase.

  16. 8 months ago
    therrykbg says

    I’ll go there when I’ll have enough money.I like every women of faith.

  17. 9 months ago
    Gayle Stinson says

    Sad that I don’t see Atlanta in the Revival 2014 lineup! Please please please add ATLANTA!!! It’s always a packed house.

  18. 9 months ago
    Lena Laa says

    My sister Di and I decided to go to our first Women of Faith Conferences this past Friday night in Sacramento. It was a sister-date night out and what better reason than to be in the presence of other women who love God just as much as we do. We’ve always been strong believers, but to be surrounded by a multitude of women in the presence of God…now that’s an experience to talk about! There are no words to adequately describe how much it blessed the two of us. Listening to the keynote speakers and worship…oh man I can’t even begin describe what that did to the two of us. One thing I know for sure…God was there with us…the Holy Spirit moved through that Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento. Lives were changed forever, women gave their hearts to Christ, tears were shed, hearts were healed, hands were lifted high, and life as every woman who attended knew would forever be changed in one night! Thank you for blessing my sister and I with a night we will cherish forever!

  19. 9 months ago
    Debi says

    Hi, I’ve always wanted to go to a Woman of Faith Conference. I don’t think there has been one in MI, so I was looking at the schedule and could possibly go to the one in Ohio. I’ve read Pasty Clairmont, seen Liz Curtis Higgs and would love to worship with them. I hope I can get friends to go with me, it would be a great experience, I’m sure.

  20. Just returned from WOF San Antonio event…It was Fantastic! I took 4 of my friends and listening to the testimonies we heard this weekend was mind blowing. Jesus spoke to me in a powerful way and being a light to those around me is something i am looking forward to doing. I have always felt unsure of how to witness, but I have been praying about this and have decided that with God’s help I will be stepping out in faith and teaching others about how God is working in my life and how he can work in theirs.
    Thank you WOF, I have learned alot in the past 6 years of attending WOF, it has made me a stronger person of faith & happy to share this w/ my friends. Every year I have been able to share this with atleast 1 or 2 new friends. I can only hope that their lives will change after attending WOF.

  21. I am so excited to be going to my first WOF conference! I’m going to the Believe here in San Antonio, TX and I’ve never been to anything like this in my life. I know God is going to touch me through the wonderful men and women and music that I will be privileged to hear. I’m going by myself but won’t be alone with the Spirit of God there and all my sisters in Christ I just haven’t met yet. I hope to attend more that will be here or in driving distance in the future. God bless WOF for bringing it here!

    • 10 months ago
      Monica Grajeda says

      Linda, I’m glad you went even if it was alone, because you are right we are not alone the spirit of Jesus is with us. I went alone to the WOF in Portland Oregon this weekend and I am so glad I attended, it was the most awesome experience, I bought a book there, “1000 GIFTS” & One by Sarah Young called “Jesus Calling” it’s an awesome book. The memory that best describes the event is “Blessing” I feel so blessed and was forever changed.

  22. 10 months ago
    Meranda says

    I just attended my first Women of Faith conference in KC this weekend, and I LOVED IT!! It was definitely a life changing event and was so blessed by all the great speakers that brought such incredible messages from The Word! I can’t wait to go back next year, it truly blessed me and filled me! I enjoyed sharing the experience with everyone at my Church today and set them on fire to attend a conference as well!

  23. 10 months ago
    Godwin Cephas says

    Bless this organization

  24. ” Women of Faith!”, your incredible all the way around… Please ! let me know if anyone in the body of Christ can assist me to attend this year’s conference in Portland Oregon as I am in need of a schloarship, grant or assitance to attend any way possible. I’m battling two major chronic conditions/diseases, single parent of special needs adult child, unemployed, student , low-income and having financial hardships continually, for which I am hoping and praying however possible anyone that can provide the means or way for me to attend this Christ life transforming/empowering conference will do so to the glory of God!…”.
    Ann Akar

  25. 10 months ago
    Patsy Riley says

    I see Sept. 2013 Dallas event Sold Out. I will plan to be at Dallas Christmas 2013!

  26. I’m signed up to attend my first conference in St Paul, MN in October. I’m so excited! Next year I want to be able to bring my daughter to the Revival in Omaha NE.

  27. 10 months ago
    Barbara Childress says

    I live in Coral Springs and have 2 bedrooms available. So, if someone needs a place to stay for the Revival 2014 in March, email me at: flkidz4@bellsouth.net


  28. 10 months ago
    June Copeck says

    When will the ticket for the Louisville, Ky event in November go on sale ? I am looking forward to going .

  29. 11 months ago
    Judy Zimmerman says

    I attended Peoria’s first WOF. I was on empty at the beginning of the event and came home with my cup running over. Please come back to Peoria, IL.

  30. 11 months ago


  31. It will be lovely to see it and par take in it in Africa, especially Lagos, Nigeria

  32. Excited to know they will be having another one which will be held in Louisville, KY near my hometown. I look forward to going & being filled God’s Word and Praises.

  33. 11 months ago
    Narin Tipton says

    Any news on 2014 dates for Kansas City, MO?? Will they be offering the discounted prices at the even for paying in full for 2014?

    • Hi Narin,

      We’ll be announcing dates for 2014 at the 2013 event. You’ll be able to register either at the event or about a week after this years event on Sept 27-28.

  34. Just came back from August’s Women of Faith in Indy and I had the most amazing time of my life. Listening to each one of the Speakers I knew I was not alone anymore. They too, have been where I am now going through. By their Strong will with God’s help they made it through. So, I too know that I will make it through and find my Lighthouse through this Storm. Because With God I can Do Anything!


  36. 11 months ago
    Kathryn Sparrow says

    Attended my first WOF in Peoria, IL this past weekend. Thanks for bringing it closer to West Central IL. Because of medical issues I would not be able to have traveled a long distance. It was fantastic.

  37. 11 months ago
    Jackie Schubert says

    Just got home from Peoria conference, which was great but am wondering if there are any conferences planned for 2014 in the St. Louis area. My church friends and my daughters and daughters in law want to
    come again.

  38. 11 months ago
    Cheryl says

    I attended the WoF Believe God Can do Anything conference in Washington DC this weekend and it was awesome! I logged on tonight to purchase tickets for my group for the Revival Tour next August 8-9, 2014 in Fairfax, VA because they said if we purchased tickets today ONLY, we could receive $30 off each ticket. I don’t see where the conference is added to the schedule yet. How can obtain this discounted tickets?

    • Cheryl,
      We plan to have the 2014 event up for online purchase by the end of the week. You can call 1.888.49.FAITH (1.888.493.2484) if you would like more info. Also, we will still be offering the discount 30 days after this years event.

      Thank You

  39. Just came from WOF in Peoria, IL. It was awesome!! Mercy Me Concert, LIsa Harper, everyone was wonderful. I am not the same.

  40. 11 months ago
    Erin Buck says

    Hi! I lead a group of women down to the Columbus, Ohio – Women of Faith Conference and I was blown away! This was my first ever Women of Conference and I cannot describe in words how I feel, and still feel! I am still energized and it has been 2 days since the conference. Listening to the speakers and their stories was amazing! I think all the women were amazing and of course a big shout out to Mark Lowery (I did not forget about you- you were just outnumbered..haha) but I have to be honest I was blown out of the water listening to Jamie Grace! Oh my word! So young and so inspirational! Her speaking not only brought tears to my eyes but gave me goosebumps. Third Day you were awesome!!! Great Job everyone who worked behind the scenes, you made the atmosphere and the show great! Our group cannot wait for next year! Love you all! God Bless!!! Erin Buck- Wauseon Ohio

  41. I just tried to sign up for information and there’s no place to add canadian addresses. So I had to put Windsor, Michigan instead of Windsor, Ontario. Just wanted to let you know! Love you all!

  42. 11 months ago
    Carol H. says

    Amazing time at WOF Columbus Ohio this past weekend!

  43. 12 months ago
    Merita B says

    was blessed to attend the conference in OKC this last weekend and it was amazing!! Every year just gets “better and better!”…as Christine Caine would say!!

  44. 12 months ago
    heather says

    WOW I went to WOF in OKC and its touches my heart and soul every time this is my 3rd year in a row going and I am so thankful for all the speakers at this conference if anyone has not been you should for sure make a point to go! the ladies are all so fantastic I wish I could meet them! id love to chat with them and get there advice on some things that are on my heart! but it was amazing at WOF and their stories are so relatable and amazing!! can not wait till next year!!!!!!

  45. 12 months ago
    Laurie says

    I have been to a Women of Faith Conference years ago in Boston and they are an amazing inspirational bunch of women who truly love God with all their heart souls and mind. Their stories inspire women and give hope to those who feel hopeless. God is alive at the conferences and the word of God is shouted from the mountains to the valleys. I hope to go to Hartford CT this year in November and experience this again! Women are blessed with women of faith and their dedication to the women that they reach out. God loves a of us women and so do the women of faith women, too.

  46. 12 months ago
    Cricket Castro says

    So excited that more & more women’s conferences are making it to Houston & not just to Texas! Thank you- there are some amazing Women of God here who love to get together to continue becoming the woman God called them to be, love to worship Him, we love some good fellowship surrounded by other woman (no matter where in their personal journey) and just experience what God delivers to us so we can turn around and continue our mission to bring the Word of God to others to empower them with His Grace, love, forgiveness and hope that they also can live the good life!
    Be blessed and thank you for all you are to where ever the journey leads you!

  47. 12 months ago

    I have never been to a Women of Faith Conference before. It would be exciting to go.

  48. Hello I want to know about vending at the events? can you please call me I live in the Charlotte area.

  49. 1 year ago
    Beauty Chidimma says

    Kimberly, I’ve never been to any before though I’ve been a fan (or lover) of theirs since my high school years (’97 – ’03). We’ve presented songs from their collections in my Church back home, and each time, it was all wonderful performances and outcomes. Their songs give room for the Holy Spirit to move. I hope to be there in OK City (with a friend too) this August, by God’s Special Grace; and I pray that The Lord God Almighty, The God of Provision – Jehova Jaire – will provide for us, fulfill all our heart desires for us and reach out to us with His Divine Touch, as well as use as points of contacts to other people, our families (both in The Lord and biologically,) and above all, that we shall all make Heaven at last (our main goal) in Jesus’ Most Holy and Precious’ Name I pray – AMEN!!!!!!!

  50. Hope to be able to attend KY with two of my best friends!!!! I so believe GOD can do anything!!!! :)

  51. 1 year ago
    Laurie Koerner says

    This is the most fantastic conference I have ever attended. The Lord works in so many ways, He touches every woman there in the way she needs to be touched. We all have such different issues in each of our lives and even though we are all listening to the same speakers we are all touched and blessed!! It is the most amazing thing to experience. Thank you all who work so hard to put these conferences together, whether you are on stage or behind the scenes. God bless you all!!!

  52. 1 year ago
    Sherryl Bryant says

    I live in Louisiana and have gone to these conferences. My problem is that I did not see any sites in Shreveport, LA. Please help me with this.

    • We do not have any events coming to LA in the next year. We do have a few in Texas however which aren’t too far. Dallas in September and Houston in February (Which will be announced first to those that filled out this form). :)

  53. 1 year ago
    Melinda Moe says

    I have had such an amazing time talking to other women about this year’s event! God is good! He shows Himself everywhere I look! WOF has provided me with critically important words of truth. Like family, WOF centers me with core values, reminds me that I was made to be EXACTLY who and what I am, and motivates me to live and share God’s grace with others! So far, I have 45 people who plan to join me at the Milwaukee event in September! Please send your prayers that more women’s hearts will be opened to this amazing opportunity! I would be so grateful! Blessings to all of you!

  54. 1 year ago
    kimberly says

    Looking to share this 2013 conference with my mom and my sister…my mom saved, my sister I’m not so sure….thats the point… I couldn’t afford it when I went my first time, it was a sacrifice for me,two small boys a single family income,but I went and it changed my life, I still feel it is too expensive but life transforming. So I praying for GOD and HIS more than enough to make it possible for myself and all those who need to attend, who seem to not be able to afford it, that all who are suppose to be there would be, and tickets and monies would just be available for them, others who can do so would pay for their sisters to go…look around transform a life…thats what I plan on doing…In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  55. Looking forward to hearing dates of WOF in 2014 to possibly bring the ladies from my church.

  56. 1 year ago
    Lucille Deslandes says

    I have been a member of the Women of Faith Assoc. for at least 10 yrs. I enjoyed the Friday afternoon
    receptions with the Ladies on the Porch. They are the best for encouragement, inspiration and reaching the heart of the ladies through Jesus Christ.

    • 9 months ago
      Caryl Kaus says

      I have thoroughly enjoyed the q/a part of the Ladies on the Porch and wish they would go back to adding that format back to the event. Haven’t seen that the last couple of years.

  57. 1 year ago
    Julie R says

    I’d like to go with my best friend. We’ve never been. It’d be a great Girls weekend.

  58. Hello
    Praise the living God,

    iam from Uganda and I would love to attend the 2014 women of faith Conference
    And I would love to be updated with information a bout it

    Thanks for the grate work you are doing

    Be blessed


  59. 1 year ago
    Debbie says

    Best thing i ever went to!! You leave there never the same!

  60. 1 year ago
    Michelle DeVaul says

    Can’t wait to go to my first WOF conference!

    • 1 year ago
      Melinda Moe says

      Michelle – Be prepared to be blown away! Expect the Unexpected – God is Amazing and He has touched my heart EVERY year I’ve attended! There just are no words to describe the impact He has had on my life! Pretty powerful stuff! I pray for you to be open to God’s spirit as He uses the staff of WOF to impart His blessings on you! I highly recommend bringing a journal or something to write on as you listen to the speakers. They condense such important material in a relatively short time period and it’s impossible to remember everything they share! Where will you be attending your conference? I wish you the best! I’d love to hear about your experience later!

      • 1 year ago
        Michelle DeVaul says

        Hi! Thanks for the note! I can hardly wait till August..the conference is here in Columbus, Ohio! I will definitely be taking lots of notes! God is so good…I have seen some spectacular miracles lately and I hope His light shines through me to others! God Bless you!

        • 10 months ago
          Monica Grajeda says

          Michelle, I just went to my first WOF in Portland Oregon, WOW is all I can say, it left me like I couldn’t have imagined, it’s been such an impact on my life, I’m forever changed and fired up for GOD to move in me like never before, I just want to scream to the world how wonderful GOD is I am looking forward to sharing him with the world, and I’m excited for new adventures because I am sure that JESUS is going to use me for his GLORY.

    • 8 months ago
      Connie says

      Hi Michelle, you will love going to the Women Of Faith Conference. My Daughter Christina and I went for about 8 years. My Daughter was diagonised terminally ill in 2002 and I tried to take her to a different location every year. We went to Ohio, Indiana, Washington DC, Minneaoplis, Georgia and a cruise to Alaska. These were wonderful trips with memories that I will forever hold dear in my heart. My Daughter lost her battle to Huntingtons Disease on January 25th, 2013. She loved these conferences. She got to meet Sheila Walsh, Thelma Welsh, Patsy Clairmont, Sandy Patty, The Worship Team, Mary and several other awesome people. They made her smile brighter then I ever knew it could shine, and my memories more precious then anything.
      I’m planning on going to more Women Of Faith Conferences but just trying to find someone new to go with and share the awesome words, songs, stories, praises and worship that these conferences hold. My heart will foever be grateful to what they shared and gave to my Daughter.
      Go to this Conference with your mind, soul, heart and spirt open and you will leave there feeling so uplifted and blessed.
      GOD BLESS YOU and enjoy!
      Connie :)

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