Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is a blogger, author, pastor’s wife, and mom of 5. Last year she and her family showcased their re-do skills on HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation” and this year they’re helping others on “Your Big Family Renovation.” Jen loves Jesus; the way he loved outcasts and his genius teachings that are still relevant today. She wants to be a champion of grace and goodness. And her pimento cheese recipe is out-of-this-world! Jen and her family live in their refurbished home in Austin, TX.

See Jen Live
Tour Date City/State Event
LOVED 02/12/2016 Thru 02/13/2016 Kansas City, MO Buy Tickets
LOVED 01/15/2016 Thru 01/16/2016 Fairfax, VA Buy Tickets
LOVED 01/22/2016 Thru 01/23/2016 Atlanta, GA Buy Tickets
LOVED 02/26/2016 Thru 02/27/2016 Buffalo, NY Buy Tickets
LOVED 11/06/2015 Thru 11/07/2015 Birmingham, AL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 11/13/2015 Thru 11/14/2015 Hartford, CT EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/16/2015 Thru 10/17/2015 St. Paul, MN EVENT PASSED
LOVED 11/20/2015 Thru 11/21/2015 Sacramento, CA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/28/2015 Thru 08/29/2015 Lincoln, NE EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/14/2015 Thru 08/15/2015 Louisville, KY EVENT PASSED
LOVED 09/25/2015 Thru 09/26/2015 Hoffman Estates, IL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 09/18/2015 Thru 09/19/2015 Orlando, FL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/09/2015 Thru 10/10/2015 Charlotte, NC EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/21/2015 Thru 08/22/2015 Philadelphia, PA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/07/2015 Thru 08/08/2015 Denver, CO EVENT PASSED
LOVED 12/04/2015 Thru 12/05/2015 Portland, OR Buy Tickets
LOVED 09/11/2015 Thru 09/12/2015 Anaheim, CA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 07/31/2015 Thru 08/01/2015 Fort Wayne, IN EVENT PASSED
LOVED 07/24/2015 Thru 07/25/2015 Oklahoma City, OK EVENT PASSED
LOVED 05/01/2015 Thru 05/02/2015 Columbus, OH EVENT PASSED
LOVED 04/24/2015 Thru 04/25/2015 Billings, MT EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/02/2015 Thru 10/03/2015 Dallas, TX EVENT PASSED
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Find Out How You Can Get A FREE Ticket!