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Patsy Clairmont

Patsy is a bookish woman who loves words, twirling umbrellas and eating dark chocolate. As a former agoraphobic Patsy never imagined the expansive plans God had in mind for her. She has written numerous books, her latest is You Are More. Patsy's latest passion is helping people shake loose the stories from their own lives to use in communicating effectively. She believes we were designed to invest in each other, and sharing our stories is one way to do that. Patsy lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Les.

See Patsy Live
Tour Date City/State Event
LOVED 11/06/2015 Thru 11/07/2015 Birmingham, AL Register
LOVED 11/13/2015 Thru 11/14/2015 Hartford, CT Register
LOVED 10/16/2015 Thru 10/17/2015 St. Paul, MN Register
LOVED 11/20/2015 Thru 11/21/2015 Sacramento, CA Register
LOVED 08/28/2015 Thru 08/29/2015 Lincoln, NE Register
LOVED 08/14/2015 Thru 08/15/2015 Louisville, KY Register
LOVED 09/25/2015 Thru 09/26/2015 Hoffman Estates, IL Register
LOVED 09/18/2015 Thru 09/19/2015 Orlando, FL Register
LOVED 10/09/2015 Thru 10/10/2015 Charlotte, NC Register
LOVED 08/21/2015 Thru 08/22/2015 Philadelphia, PA Register
LOVED 08/07/2015 Thru 08/08/2015 Denver, CO Register
LOVED 12/04/2015 Thru 12/05/2015 Portland, OR Register
LOVED 09/11/2015 Thru 09/12/2015 Anaheim, CA Register
LOVED 07/31/2015 Thru 08/01/2015 Fort Wayne, IN Register
LOVED 07/24/2015 Thru 07/25/2015 Oklahoma City, OK Register
LOVED 05/01/2015 Thru 05/02/2015 Columbus, OH Register
LOVED 04/24/2015 Thru 04/25/2015 Billings, MT Register
LOVED 10/02/2015 Thru 10/03/2015 Dallas, TX Register