Sheila Walsh

She's a multi-talented author (with more than four million books sold!), speaker, singer, and dog-walker who does it all while wearing killer heels. Her transparency takes our breath away as she shares the real issues she—and many of us—deal with every day. Prior to joining Women of Faith, Sheila co-hosted television's The 700 Club and her own talk show Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh on the Family Channel (ABC Family). She is currently working on completing her Master's degree in Divinity. She lives in Texas with her husband, Barry, son, Christian, and two little white dogs Belle and Tink.

See Sheila Live
Tour Date City/State Event
LOVED 02/12/2016 Thru 02/13/2016 Kansas City, MO Buy Tickets
LOVED 01/15/2016 Thru 01/16/2016 Fairfax, VA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 01/22/2016 Thru 01/23/2016 Atlanta, GA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 02/26/2016 Thru 02/27/2016 Buffalo, NY Buy Tickets
LOVED 11/06/2015 Thru 11/07/2015 Birmingham, AL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 11/13/2015 Thru 11/14/2015 Hartford, CT EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/16/2015 Thru 10/17/2015 St. Paul, MN EVENT PASSED
LOVED 11/20/2015 Thru 11/21/2015 Sacramento, CA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/28/2015 Thru 08/29/2015 Lincoln, NE EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/14/2015 Thru 08/15/2015 Louisville, KY EVENT PASSED
LOVED 09/25/2015 Thru 09/26/2015 Hoffman Estates, IL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 09/18/2015 Thru 09/19/2015 Orlando, FL EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/09/2015 Thru 10/10/2015 Charlotte, NC EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/21/2015 Thru 08/22/2015 Philadelphia, PA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 08/07/2015 Thru 08/08/2015 Denver, CO EVENT PASSED
LOVED 12/04/2015 Thru 12/05/2015 Portland, OR EVENT PASSED
LOVED 09/11/2015 Thru 09/12/2015 Anaheim, CA EVENT PASSED
LOVED 07/31/2015 Thru 08/01/2015 Fort Wayne, IN EVENT PASSED
LOVED 07/24/2015 Thru 07/25/2015 Oklahoma City, OK EVENT PASSED
LOVED 05/01/2015 Thru 05/02/2015 Columbus, OH EVENT PASSED
LOVED 04/24/2015 Thru 04/25/2015 Billings, MT EVENT PASSED
LOVED 10/02/2015 Thru 10/03/2015 Dallas, TX EVENT PASSED
Did you hear? Women of Faith is headed to theaters!

Did you hear? Women of Faith is headed to theaters!