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One Woman's Story: More Than I ever IMAGINED! This year was my first time to attend Women of Faith. After being away from God for 20 years, I found my way back to Him in July 2009. A friend of mine at church went with me to Women of Faith in Columbus, OH, in April, 2011. I don’t know exactly what I expected, but I got so much more than I would have ever “IMAGINED”!! I loved every single minute of it―and did not miss anything either. I took it all in. I was in awe of the speakers and their messages. And the music―the music was wonderful!! Loved Lisa Harper, Luci Swindoll and Sheila Walsh!! They were all terrific!! But Angie Smith… well, Angie almost tore my heart right out of my body. I know a young lady in GA, that had a similar experience with a baby born in March, 2010. It could have been that young lady speaking. Then, when Natalie Grant sang “It Is Well” a cappella―I just about lost it!! 12,000 women singing that echo back to her… it was, literally, an experience! One I have never before been privileged to be present for. I am not a person that raises their hand when I am blessed or says ‘Amen’ or anything like that. (Just can’t make myself do it…) but I was ready to jump up and down! (No kidding!!) I did NOT expect to feel the Spirit of the Lord so close by in that arena. He was right there by my side all day both Friday and Saturday. I am not a young person by any stretch of the imagination but this was an “AWESOME” experience!! I loved every second that I was there with all of you! Next year we are planning on bringing a bus with at least 50 people, and that time cannot get here soon enough! Every Christian woman needs to experience Women of Faith! ―Wilma H.