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Sherry has been both a Women of Faith Group Leader and a Revolve Tour Group Leader for years. We understood the Women of Faith part, but Sherry doesn’t have daughters . . . so why haul a bunch of teen girls to Revolve? We decided to find out. Here’s her story: WoF: What was your first experience with The Revolve Tour? Sherry: The first time, I just took a couple of girls. My main reason was to take my niece. She’s growing up in an unchurched home and doesn’t have a lot of positive influences; things are getting horrible in schools these days and I was worried about her. And my son was dating a girl from single parent home—you know, you want the girl your son dates to have good morals! I was concerned about her, too. Mainly I did it to get the two of them in there. It’s just grown from there. WoF: Tell us about your experience at The Revolve Tour. Sherry: I try to explain to women that I’m just a kid at heart. It was so exciting it almost brought me to tears. I kept thinking how different my life might have turned out if something like this had been available to me at the age of 15. It impressed me so much—there were godly young women on the stage who were fun, funny, bright, very trendy yet modestly dressed, and with hearts for God. Growing up, I didn’t know it could be fun to be a Christian. It wasn’t fun for me. WoF: Did anything surprise you? Sherry: I was surprised how emotional it made me. It made me pretty emotional that somebody had sense to start something like this to save girls’ lives. The girls loved it; they absolutely loved it. They were overwhelmed. WoF: Have you seen a change in them since the event? Sherry: I have. My niece is still unchurched, but it gave her good foundation, especially now she’s starting to show an interest in boys. She’s excited to invite her friends to Revolve. That’s a big deal to me―they’re not Christians either. It’s a comfortable place you could bring unchurched girls. They were fed and I don’t think some even knew it. WoF: How big is your group now? Sherry: This year’s group is 100. We weren’t expecting that! I only reserved 60 tickets and that was a leap of faith―but it just blew up in last few weeks. WoF: What have you learned through the experience? Sherry: One of the main things is starting girls early with understanding the relationship between men and women and understanding the importance of having God in their life. Sometimes we think spiritual things are above kids’ realm of knowledge but they need to start early. They need to have that personal relationship with God early. WoF: What would you tell someone who’s thinking about bringing a group to Revolve? Sherry: It’s like the butterfly effect Andy [Andrews] talks about at Over the Top. It’s just the start of the changes that are going to happen in those young women’s lives. They may not all “get it” but if you can get one to get it, it’s all worth it.