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Terrie Gaines attended the 2011 Imagine event in San Antonio, Texas. “I have heard many, many times in the last couple of months of partnering with World Vision―and not just through Women of Faith.” When a speaker started sharing about World Vision at the event, Terrie thought, I can’t listen to this, and decided it was a good time for a bathroom break. “But,” Terrie said, “I had to walk by the World Vision booth to get there.” Looks like Someone was trying to get her attention. Terrie continued, “So I thought, OKAY, Lord I get it.” She picked up a card for one of the last chance children, told the World Vision booth worker to hold it, and promised to be back later with her credit card information. But it wasn’t over yet. Terrie confessed to “a little bit of wrestling” about whether or not to go back to the table. “She didn’t have my last name . . . she wouldn’t call me out on it . . .” In the end, Terrie said, “God won again.” She returned to the booth, filled out the form, and returned to her seat in the arena. What happened next? Terrie continued, “As I sat there I felt a peace I haven’t had in a while come over me. I began to weep―almost uncontrollably. You see God whispered in my ear as I sat there, ‘This, my dear child, is a way to have the orphanage you have always wanted. Here is the answer to your dream you have had since a little girl.’” Terrie’s sponsorship was the answer to a dream for one last-chance child, too. Learn more about World Vision and child sponsorship here.