Spring has Sprung…But Fall is Coming!


Our four Spring events—Billings, MT; Columbus, OH; Las Vegas, NV; and Des Moines, IA—touched thousands of women. Here’s what a few of them shared about their experience: The closest you can get to Heaven on earth? Standing in an arena full of girlfriends singing praises to God. Angelic. — Jennifer F. This weekend was so

New 2011 Events Just Weeks Away!


We’re heading to Billings, MT and Las Vegas, NV in April with Over the Top! Meanwhile, Imagine kicks off in Columbus, OH and moves to Des Moines, IA in May. Of course, that’s just the beginning! Two dozen more events are scheduled to begin in August. See the whole schedule—and register for the event near

Room Service, Clean Bathrooms, Tiny Bottles of Shampoo…Oh, the Joys of a Hotel Stay


Keep the Women of Faith weekend experience going 24/7 (and get a good night’s sleep in the bargain) when you stay at one of our partner hotels. They’re conveniently located close to the arena, someone else will clean the room for you, and besides, you deserve a little pampering. It’s not too late for all

Angie Smith to Join Imagine Team


Like many women around the world, you may know Angie through her transparent, warm, witty blog Bring The Rain (audreycaroline.blogspot.com)—and if you haven’t read it, please do! Angie began her blog as the story of her fourth daughter’s brief life. It became an opportunity to combine Angie’s two greatest passions: helping to heal people’s hearts

Coming Attractions


Shreveport, LA; Billings, MT; Columbus, OH; Las Vegas, NV; Des Moines, IA. What do these cities have in common? They’re the sites of our Spring Imagine and Over the Top events! Year two of our two-year tour kicks off in Billings on April 8-9, then we visit four more cities before taking the summer off.

August Will Be Here Before You Know It!


We have one more spring event (Over the Top in Columbus, OH this weekend), then we pick back up in August with our fall cities. But don’t think that means you can wait to register for Omaha, Dallas, Tulsa, Indianapolis, or Washington, DC! Seats are going fast—and you’re not going to want to miss our