A Time to Dance


BUY NOW John and Abby are ready to call it quits. But is it ever too late to love? They’re the perfect couple—envied by their friends, cherished by their children, admired by their peers. But John and Abby Reynolds know they’re just pretending to be happy. In fact, they’re waiting for the right time to

You can still participate in our Joy-Filled Life DVD Collection!


Recently we released our new Joy-Filled Life DVD Collection – this is a brand-new, exclusive Women of Faith series that is currently available ONLY to event attendees and friends through a very special introduction by mail. If you have already received the DVD and are yet undecided on whether you’d like to join the series,

God’s Timing by Mary A.


The fall of 2011 was the first time I had attended a Women of Faith conference. I debated with myself and prayed to God whether I should go. My father was sick in the hospital in Canada, and my husband was also very sick, and I couldn’t leave him alone. I heard a still small

Falling in Public by Nicole C. Mullen


During one of the hardest seasons of my life, I was at the end of a very bitter relationship, and was feeling as if God too was disappointed in me. But just when I had convinced myself that God had most likely written me off his list, I received a phone call from Amy Grant’s

How Nice Are You?


If you think Women of Faith offers nice events for nice women, speaker Christine Caine has a message for you. “Jesus didn’t come to make us nice,” she says. “He came to make us dangerous.” Wait. Dangerous? “Most of us live life safely—so we never really live,” Christine explains. “But safety is not the goal

God Loves Broken People (and Those Who Pretend They’re Not)


“If I could write only one book in my lifetime,” Sheila Walsh says, “I would ask God to make it this one.” Sheila’s 2012 Women of Faith messages are built around the concepts in God Loves Broken People. Now you have the opportunity to get a taste of her topic even before the event! The

Brand New Event Opens to Rave Reviews!


“I am overwhelmed by what God did in just one day." Sheila Walsh Our brand-new ONE DAY event tour kicked off on Saturday in Billings, MT and it was better than even we expected! More than 1,400 women braved the Montana winter to gather for a full day with Sheila Walsh, Ken Davis, Scott MacIntyre,

We’re Breaking New Ground!


Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? — Isaiah 43:19(a) NCV It’s not every day we launch a brand-new type of event, but next Saturday marks the first appearance of . . . not just a new tour, not just a new lineup of

Meet Scott MacIntyre


Maybe you were watching American Idol the night Paula Abdul called Scott, the show’s first blind finalist, “an inspiration to the entire world…” But there is so much more to his story than the little bit we saw on TV—and you can hear it in person at Women of Faith ONE DAY. Scott was a

Laughter Lightens the Load – by Marilyn Meberg


Could you use a natural painkiller? Pain is not God’s fault―but he created a solution anyway. Laughter releases endorphins and makes us feel better. Marilyn tells us how to look on God’s “love touch” of laughter. Click the play button below (far right) for an audio message from Marilyn: Download this audio (.MP3 file format)