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Mary GrahamThis has been a growing ‘season’ for Women of Faith, and we are very excited about all that’s in store. God has His Way of adding new people, stories, ideas and opportunities for us to grow and widen our ever-growing circle of friends. We have every confidence that the next fifteen years―and beyond―will be even more exciting than the last. We’ve been talking with audience members, including Group Leaders, past attendees, and those who are ‘first-timers’ at the events. We’ve asked a lot of questions about what we’ve done in the past, what women would love to see in the future, and what you consider the best of the best of what we are doing now. We’ve gotten great feedback; your input has been encouraging and so helpful as we think and plan for the future. (Thank you!) Which brings me to one of the results of all that feedback: Your comments have convinced us that our weekend events would serve more women better if we reduced the timeframe to just Friday night and Saturday. While thousands have attended the ‘Friday Feature’ over the past decade, for many the additional day in the arena and night in a hotel has become a challenge. Often women just cannot free up two full days from their schedule. For those who live outside the event city, beginning their event Friday morning means travel on Thursday and an extra night’s hotel stay. Taking that into consideration, we have decided to move to a Friday night/Saturday event for our 2012 Women of Faith Celebrate tour. We will be adding an additional speaker to the lineup and will adjust our schedule in order to pack more content into the Friday night/Saturday sessions. You can expect a fun-filled Friday night with a concert (and more!) and we will continue through the all-day Saturday sessions. We know you well enough to know some of you may want to make arrangements to come early or stay late―and that’s fabulous. Time with your group of friends is never time wasted. This new schedule will give you more options than ever before. (Many of you have been asking for just that.) In addition to our Friday night/Saturday arena events, in 2012 we’re also launching smaller one-day events on dates when the arena events are not touring. In time, we’ll add unique events specifically designed to accommodate your requests. We believe the best is yet to be. For more than a decade, Women of Faith has had the privilege of filling arenas in major cities all over the country with women like you . . . who love to gather with their friends, neighbors and associates for a weekend of inspiration and fun. We’ve laughed, cried, learned, and grown together. Thank you for being in our circle of friends . . . and for making us a part of your lives and your journey as we all grow in our understanding of God’s grace and His great love. We look forward to the future with great joy.