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2011 Inspirational Daily PlannerIf you’re like, oh, 97.5%* of the population then come the New Year you will resolve to be more organized. Easier said than done, right? This time, get ahead of the game—order the 2011 Inspirational Daily Planner today and you’ll have a valuable organizational tool ready and waiting when January 1 arrives.
It’s efficiently designed for daily, weekly, and monthly agendas with a Scripture for every day plus inspiring quotes. It includes Web site and phone directories, a one-year Bible reading schedule, a crisis Scripture guide, and other handy references. And it’s all in tucked into a chic black textured leather binding that will look fabulous on your desk. (It can’t hurt to look organized, even if you’re not.)
Order the 2011 Inspirational Daily Planner today and who knows? 2011 just might be the year you finally get organized.
*Percentage quoted has absolutely no basis in actual fact and is a total guess based on the author’s personal observations.

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