Saturday: A Red-Letter Day


Have you ever looked at the calendar and realized you were heading straight toward a “never done that before” moment? That happened to us this week when we realized that tomorrow, February 25, we have more going on in more places at one time than ever before! We are making Women of Faith history! Women

The Greatest of These…


What if I speak in the most elegant languages of people or in the exotic languages of the heavenly messengers, but I live without love? Well then, anything I say is like the clanging of brass or a crashing cymbal. What if I have the gift of prophecy, am blessed with knowledge and insight to

The Accidental Bride


As part of “Celebrate Love” month, we’re featuring a new Christian romance each week in February—because sometimes you just need to curl up with a good love story. Shay Brandenberger is raising her daughter in Moose Creek, Montana, on her childhood ranch, nestled against the Yellowstone River. Despite the hard work, she can’t seem to

Aunt Tilly & Co.


People of all ages are welcome at Women of Faith, so you might not be surprised that a 94-year-old spinster is on the program in several cities. (“Spinster” is her word, not ours!) We call her Aunt Tilly and her blunt (but loveable) comments will keep you laughing at her unique point of view. Of

Blue Moon Promise


As part of “Celebrate Love” month, we’re featuring a new Christian romance each week in February—because sometimes you just need to curl up with a good love story. Lucy Marsh is desperate: no job, no money, no home, and a young brother and sister who are counting on her to provide for them. Could God

Meet Scott MacIntyre


Maybe you were watching American Idol the night Paula Abdul called Scott, the show’s first blind finalist, “an inspiration to the entire world…” But there is so much more to his story than the little bit we saw on TV—and you can hear it in person at Women of Faith ONE DAY. Scott was a

Introducing Operation Women of Faith


  This month we’ve been focused on celebrating new beginnings. There’s one group in particular that has seen a lot of change recently—our military. As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage and support our troops and their families, we are delighted to announce a new military initiative for 2012 Celebrate What Matters events. Active

Stepping Out


In 2010, sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland attempted to sail around the world—by herself. She became the youngest person to solo around Cape Horn and crossed both the Southern and Atlantic oceans before her trip ended when a rogue wave rolled her sailboat, Wild Eyes, in the Indian Ocean. “Most people give me credit for having sailed



  Messenger: “Don’t be afraid! Listen! I bring good news, news of great joy, news that will affect all people everywhere. Today in the city of David, a Liberator has been born for you! He is the promised Anointed, the Supreme Authority!” — Luke 2:10-11 The Voice  



  Zacharias: “A new day is dawning: the Sunrise from the heavens will break through in our darkness, and those who huddle in night, those who sit in the shadow of death, will be able to rise and walk in the light, guided in the pathway of peace.” — Luke 1:78b-79 The Voice