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Joy Filled Life DVD Recently we released our new Joy-Filled Life DVD Collection – this is a brand-new, exclusive Women of Faith series that is currently available ONLY to event attendees and friends through a very special introduction by mail. If you have already received the DVD and are yet undecided on whether you’d like to join the series, we hope you take the opportunity to watch the DVD! Of course, you are not obligated to do anything and can consider the DVD a free gift if you are not interested in participating, but because in our busy lives we sometimes set things aside (or simply forget about them), we will provide a reasonable number of opportunities for those who have done just that to still participate. For that reason, we do send three courtesy follow up letters. If you received a follow up courtesy letter but are not interested in participating for whatever reason, you can simply keep the DVD as a free gift as the letter describes, and are welcome to disregard any additional letters. But we hope you take the chance to watch it and glean all the encouragement, motivation, and inspiration you can from the real-life stories of our Women of Faith speakers. If you have any questions at all, or did not receive the DVD and would like to, please call our dedicated customer service at 1-877-572-2241 or email Joy-FilledLifeDVD@Program-Director.net. God Bless!