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This December my husband and I will be traveling to Uganda to work with orphan ministries in the area. Women of Faith had a big part in this trip. As a couple, missions has been something that we have discussed as a possibility for years now. It was always looked at as something that we would maybe do in the future… when we were finished having children, or when they were a little older (we have 4 kids, age 5 and under!), or maybe after they all graduate, etc. We just were full of excuses of why ‘not now.’ Last year I had the opportunity to attend my first Women of Faith conference in Houston, TX. Steven Curtis Chapman was the musical guest. Hearing his story, having lost a child of my own, I was compelled to come home and research all I could about the orphan ministry that he and his family have started. That Women of Faith conference lit a fire under me that had for too long been a dull flame. I began talking to my husband more about the possibility of missions being now in our lives, not in the future. We started searching different mission organizations and ministries to see what our next step should be. We also fervently began paying off all our debt so that missions could be a possibility for our family. We have worked multiple jobs and sacrificed, but are so proud to be able to say that this debt-free goal will be reached within the next few months. A few weeks ago we signed up for this two-week trip to Uganda. We feel strongly about what we want to do in the mission field. My husband is a college professor and teaches paramedics. He would love to be able to apply his medical training in the mission field. As for me, I have a huge desire to help children in any way that I can glorify and serve God. What we don’t know is the where, when and how of serving in the mission field. We are hoping this shorter trip will help answer those questions for us and that God’s will for our lives will be revealed to us. This year I had the opportunity again to attend a Women of Faith conference, this time in San Antonio. Our decision for missions was reaffirmed to me in such a huge way, especially after seeing the World Vision clips and hearing stories. It was moving to see what the body of Christ is possible of doing for His kingdom. When we signed up for this trip, we did it on a huge leap of faith that we would be able to raise the support needed. For the two of us we needed around $7000.00. I am excited to say that God provided over $5,000 for our trip after only three weeks. The support we received both in prayer and verbally has meant so much to us. This trip and sharing our hearts with others has also opened doorways to share our faith with friends that have, before now, not wanted to talk about such things. Praise God! I pray that the hearts and lives of women all over are being changed and that we can take the power that we have as women and change this world for God. If you would like to read more about our family and our trip, please feel free to check out our blog at www.thesegners.blogspot.com. ― Kari Segner