Celebrate Someone! – by Luci Swindoll


Nothing is more important than words. In fact, my favorite invention on earth is the alphabet. Where would we be without it? Don’t hesitate to say words that build up and strengthen someone. Applaud others with kind words. And put them in writing to be kept and cherished. If you want to make someone happy,

Glimmers in the Dark – by Luci Swindoll


When you were a child holding a mirror in your hand, if you caught a glint of the sun, that mirror reflected a beam that could actually illumine a dark place. That was pretty exciting! You had the power to shine in the darkness. It was better than holding a flashlight because the reflection source

Mountaintop Masterpiece – by Lisa Whelchel


Two summers ago, I was asked to speak at a sweet church in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Arkansas. There weren’t any hotels within a 50-mile radius so the thoughtful Women’s Director found an adorable Bed and Breakfast nearby for me to lodge. It was situated on a gorgeous piece of property in the hills, overlooking a river full

Loving Ourselves – by Luci Swindoll


So often we don’t like who we are. We don’t like what we see in the mirror, we’re dissatisfied with how we look or what we weigh, or we’re disappointed in how we’ve misbehaved or how we’ve treated someone else. And the sum total of that prevents us from truly loving ourselves. At one time

Playful People – by Luci Swindoll


Playful people look at life through a kaleidoscopic lens, seeing all kinds of ways to find adventure and have fun. They’ve unlocked the door to the child within—the muse for our creativity. Here are a half dozen tips that may help bring your muse into the sunlight: Figure out what the child within you wants

Luci Swindoll on Life Today


You’re invited to be in the studio audience for the appearance of Luci Swindoll on the LIFE Today show with James Robison, Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. Tickets are free, but you must reserve your seat. To do that, email audience@loi.org or call 817-354-3655. The studios are located at 1801 West Euless Boulevard, Euless,

Backstage at the Imagine Video


If you’ve been to a Women of Faith event before, you know each one begins with a video starring our speakers. In years past they’ve ridden motorcycles, played in a band, been contestants on a game show, hopped on a bus, and more. What’s in store this year? We’re not telling; you’ll just have to

All the Difference in the World A Revolve Tour Story from Luci Swindoll


  The Revolve Tour hits close to home for Luci as she shares her great-niece’s experience. Coming to 12 cities early in 2011, The Revolve Tour: Dream On offers award-winning bands and speakers with real, relevant messages in a one-of-a-kind inspirational weekend for 6th- to 12th-grade girls. Spread the word!