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Celebrate Someone! - by Luci Swindoll Nothing is more important than words. In fact, my favorite invention on earth is the alphabet. Where would we be without it? Don’t hesitate to say words that build up and strengthen someone. Applaud others with kind words. And put them in writing to be kept and cherished. If you want to make someone happy, figure out how to say thank you in a fresh, loving way.
  • Send a card.
  • Write a warm, tender e-mail.
  • Communicate the good news instead of the bad.
  • Mail a postcard or a letter.
  • Send someone you love a detailed description of everything going on in the neighborhood.
  • Tell someone what you love and miss about them.
Celebrate someone! Excerpted from Glimmers of Grace © 2007 Women of Faith, Inc. Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson. Used with permission. All rights reserved.