Dream On Has Begun!


The Revolve Tour’s 2011 event tour is off and running! As our 2011 theme verse says, God can do anything! (Luke 1:37 ncv) We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the thousands of teen girls who will be at Revolve. Dream On events continue through April—there’s still time to register a

Loved, Adored, and Beautiful


Just think how amazing it would be if every teenage girl heard she was loved, adored and thought beautiful by the God of the universe. That’s our desire as we travel to 12 cities in 2011 with The Revolve Tour: Dream On. Would you help us reach even more churches and teen girls by providing

Sibling Rivalry Strikes Again!


This new Revolve Tour video highlights one of the many reasons Revolve is a girls-only event. No pesky brothers allowed! Just thousands of teen girls learning about life, love, and God. Click here to watch the video!

A Conversation with Revolve Group Leader Sherry Blissenbach


Sherry has been both a Women of Faith Group Leader and a Revolve Tour Group Leader for years. We understood the Women of Faith part, but Sherry doesn’t have daughters . . . so why haul a bunch of teen girls to Revolve? We decided to find out. Here’s her story: WoF: What was your

Weekend Without Revolve


Check out these fun Revolve Tour videos and spread the word about Revolve with the teen girls in your life.

All the Difference in the World A Revolve Tour Story from Luci Swindoll


  The Revolve Tour hits close to home for Luci as she shares her great-niece’s experience. Coming to 12 cities early in 2011, The Revolve Tour: Dream On offers award-winning bands and speakers with real, relevant messages in a one-of-a-kind inspirational weekend for 6th- to 12th-grade girls. Spread the word!

The Revolve Tour Is Back in 2011 with Dream On!


Brand-new, exciting things are happening with The Revolve Tour.

Women of Faith Wednesday


The Revolve Tour is back in 2011! Have you ever been to a Revolve event, or is there a teenage girl in your life who you’d like to take?   Don’t know about the The Revolve Tour? Check it out at http://www.revolvetour.com!  Bloggers who enter our blog hop will be entered for a chance to

Introducing The Revolve Tour’s Student Group Leader Program


Know a college student who needs extra cash (don’t they all?) and has a heart for teen girls? The Revolve Tour’s Student Group Leader Program is made for her. She can gain valuable experience, make a difference in the lives of teens, help out a church or other organization, and reap a financial reward all

All Access!


Looking for a gift for a teen girl in your life?  Why not a weekend at The Revolve Tour ALL ACCESS?  It’s a weekend where she will learn that she has ALL ACCESS to God, along with some really great music and amazing messages that will speak to her heart. Learn more about All Access at