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Scott MacIntyre What’s it like to stand on the American Idol stage waiting to hear if you’re going on . . . or going home? Scott MacIntyre tells us: “The difference in votes between the next closest contestant and myself was infinitesimal—less than one-tenth of one percent. But standing on the American Idol stage, I didn’t have the luxury of worrying about the difference in votes. I was going home. Unless . . .” Whether you watched Scott on American Idol, saw him at a Women of Faith ONE DAY event, or just want to know what happened next, you’ll want to read his new book By Faith, Not by Sight. Through an unwavering faith in God and himself, Scott teaches all of us that our dreams are possible regardless of our circumstances. Download the first pages of By Faith, Not by Sight free! Click here to start reading and find out what happened that night on American Idol. It’s not too late to Scott in person at Women of Faith ONE DAY! See the schedule here.