• Do you feel called to do something bigger and more impactful with your life, and you're not sure what it is?

  • Do you have a dream of a purposeful, passionate “life on purpose” and really don't know where to even take the first step?

  • Do you long to understand your purpose, and your identity, and finally fulfill the calling the Lord has for you?

  •  Are looking for hope, truth, peace, and joy, and are not knowing what to do?

  •  Are you struggling in overcoming the world’s confusion and chaos, feeling paralyzed and need help in moving forward?

  • Are you ready to rise up and lead a VICTORIOUS life in Jesus?

Then our Mastermind is just for you!


Hey there! 

Do you feel a CALLING on your life to make an even greater impact for the Kingdom?

Instead, you feel distracted, confused, or living in chaos? 

Do you feel condemned, guilty, or filled with shame? 

Then everything I’m about to share is FOR YOU! 

I know you’re not here by accident.

God told me to find you.

Not only to help you move into your higher calling on your life, to also help you go much deeper in your walk with the Lord.

He is calling and anointing you to do more!

Once you finally get clear on your God-given purpose and identity, you can practically and vibrantly live your life with deeper significance, passion, impact, and purpose.

It’s time to join our global community and movement of women who are stepping up into leadership roles and pointing people to Jesus every day!

We are helping encourage and equip women all over the world to move forward in life in a much bigger way!

Our aim is to empower women to move into even greater transformation and impact by helping them build their solid foundation by understanding their individual purpose and identity.

I’ve been able to change my life, and the lives of my clients by providing them with the tools necessary to boldly step into the purpose and destiny that God has for them, and I can’t wait to help you do the same.

I would love for you to be a part of this global movement of women that are stepping up into leadership roles and pointing people to Jesus.

What Women are Saying...

Michelle Primeaux

Alita, You have blessed my soul these past couple of days! You have a beautiful way of meeting people right where they are.  Your story is inspiring and impactful! I thank God for using you. May God's glorious riches continue to flow in your life.  Continue to do the will of God! You are a high-powered woman living a high-powered life in Christ.  Love and blessings.

Nicki Lancaster

This group is absolutely something that will bring so much into your life! You will become part of a community growing to know and support each other in finding your purpose as God sees it.  I have a growing sense of who I am as a daughter of the King, a safe and supportive place for learning, growing, and supporting each other. This is a great place to be reminded that true Faith brings wonderful people together. Alita and the team guide us in ways that can be applied and focused on within our lives and circumstances, using gentle and reflective methods.

Karen Hyden

The Mastermind program has partnered me with other women passionate about going deeper with the Lord and walking their lives out with purpose. We share, learn, and pray together. I have encountered God in very powerful ways in a short time of being aligned with this group and using the tools Alita has shared with us. I now face each day with intention. I shut down distractions, make sure I spend time in the Word and create goals and actions that move me toward Jesus and His plans. Sometimes we need encouragement and accountability to take us to the next level in our spiritual journeys. The Mastermind program has been that for me.

Ready to get started?

Members Receive Access To:

  • Coaching Sessions
  • Live Mentoring Sessions
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • Mastermind HUB
  • Interactive Community
  • World Class Guest Speakers
  • Special Edition Trainings
  • Women of Faith Classes 
  • Workbooks and Handouts
  • All Recorded Events
  • Live Stream Events



The Promised Life


The Lord’s Promise of Victory

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry land.”  Isaiah 43:19

What Women are Saying...

Nina Chang

The Women of Faith Mastermind gives me a better God vision through my spiritual lens.  I love everything about it, and every woman should be able to be blessed with the Mastermind.  It's been mind-blowing! I would share this group with all my friends and tell them, "you need it!"

Kristianna Fisher

Alita’s expertise is invaluable! She is relatable, warm, and a champion of women. Every session with her is focused, engaging, enriching… and fun! She gives me very practical tools to enhance my coaching business. I found myself counting down the days until our next session! Every session is packed full of encouragement to help me grow in spiritual strength. Alita calls out my identity in Christ and my ability to lead women effectively in my sphere of influence.

Jennifer Colby

Working with Alita was a true gift! Alita used her gift of tenderly asking questions to make space for the Holy Spirit to minister and renew my life. Being coached by her was an opportunity to be encouraged and strengthened. Alita said something that has stayed with me since our coaching sessions, “Just start.” That statement continues to be a simple yet profound challenge in my life. Alita ushered me to Jesus through my time with her, and for that, I am very grateful!

The Women of Faith Mastermind is...

Coaching. Mentoring. Community.

Our Women of Faith Mastermind is our comprehensive vision of walking with you through your entire journey of transformation, with coaching, mentorship, community, accountability, and a step-by-step curriculum that keeps you from being distracted, derailed or overwhelmed.

Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded women who also want to become the best versions of themselves while we encourage each other toward our God-given dreams and goals!

Now is the time to join our community and movement of 'Like Minded' women that are looking to live in complete clarity and victory in Jesus… despite everyday struggles.

We are taking life’s pressure and creating diamonds!

Here's What You'll Discover:

    • How to practically live out your true identity as a Daughter of the King…
    • We will help you discover simple and effective ways to identify and eliminate misconceptions about yourself and truly walk in your God-Given Image!
    • How to renew your mindset to align with the clarity and peace that comes from confidently walking with Jesus…
    • We will help you navigate the confusion and chaos all around that is intended to keep you from moving into God’s plan for your life!
    • How to live with purpose using the unique voice God gave you…
    • We choose to show you how you are able to  practically and vibrantly live your life with deeper significance, influence, and intention that rises out of your clear God-given purpose & identity!

    • This Mastermind WILL NOT be 'Christianese' feel-good “fluff and stuff” that leaves you inspired for a few days before fading back into your “normal”.  

    • This is a Mastermind for women that are ready to be a part of a world-class community of women committed to excellence…

      So you can live out the Life of Victory that God has planned for each of us!

 Your Membership Includes:

    • Weekly Hyper Focused Coaching Sessions for First 30 days to “Get You Started on the Promised Life Path”
    • Live Mentoring Sessions on Specific Mastermind Topics every other week
    • Live Group Coaching Zooms every other week
    • On-Demand Trainings
    • All Recorded Events
    • Mentoring Sessions
    • Group Coaching Sessions
    • Downloadable Resources
    •  Strength & Clarity Assessments
    • Opportunity to develop Godly relationships with like-minded women from across the globe
    • Peer to Peer Support
    • Peer to Peer Accountability
    • Peer to Peer Celebrations
    • Personal Feedback Coaching
    • World Class Guest Speakers
    • Special Edition Trainings
    • Discounts on Virtual Events
    • Women of Faith Classes

Women of Faith Mastermind

The best part of our Mastermind is that you'll get all these great benefits for only $149 a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What Women are Saying...

Tricia Groves

I highly recommend Alita as a Life Coach for Christian women who are seeking to be more goal-oriented and make an impact in others' lives. I’m so thankful to have her input and mentor me through my own struggles, empathizing with and sharing her experiences. She is a great listener and advisor, attentive to what I need!

Anne Odgers

Alita Reynolds, brings clarity, is very perceptive, and makes coaching look easy. This process has helped me dig deep into my spiritual identity, and she uses scripture like a power tool. She will personally get in your boat and row with you along your spiritual journey. If you are truly committed and invested, this will change your life!

Tara Holdren

Participating in the Women of Faith Mastermind experience is like standing with your toes over the edge of a precipice, looking out over an ocean of trust, faith, and communion with the Lord. And then you jump.