Merchandising Intern

Women of Faith is looking for dedicated followers of Jesus who are passionate about making a difference to fill our Merchandising Intern position. You’ve been called by God to use your gifts and talents for His purpose. We encourage you to pray for God’s direction before applying and throughout the hiring process. We look forward to you joining our team!

We are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds to provide the best experience for our marketing team!  Are you creative with skills in graphic design, drawing, film, writing or media?

Marketing Intern Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • The Merchandising Intern is responsible for planning and developing a strategy to enable a company to sell a range of products that delivers sales and profit targets.  Merchandising Internr will work closely with a buyer(s) and vendors to ensure the product that's purchased will enable the company to achieve its sales plan. Merchandising Intern is responsible for having the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities and at the right price.

  • Resilience under Pressure. 

  • Strong enough to keep calm when under pressure. This role can require quick thinking to spot trends, evaluate large amounts of data and make sound decisions. Things can change very quickly and there are always deadlines to meet. 

  • Computer literacy, it is vital as all data, trends and figure analysis will be done using EPOS information, a system most commonly used within merchandising to report on customer spending. Full training is supplied by all retail companies on joining, but each company will have its own unique reporting system.  Understands what is going on in the market place and that of competitors.   Knowing about customers' needs, and economic trends in general will enable them to make sound and rational decisions.  


    • Determining and procuring products and merchandise.
    • Procuring the right merchandise - Styles, brands, colors, sizes etc…
    • Having merchandise in store at the right time in the season i.e. ready for Christmas or 'Back to School'
    • Right Quantities - Enough for the store and events. to make their budgets but not have to markdown stock at the end of the season
    • The Right Price - Those that will attract customers in spite of competition yet generate a reasonable return on investment for the retailer i.e. profit
    • The objective of the merchandising management team is to get the correct balance between the expectations of the customer and the objectives of the company's financial strategy.
    • Analyzing past sales figures/trends to anticipate future product needs.
    • Devising a merchandise plan using the above techniques.
    • Relaying the merchandise plan to the buyer who, in turn, can decide on what products, styles, sizes, colors, to purchase and from which suppliers, at what price.
    • Devising a contract for the suppliers including quality control, accuracy and flexibility. This is done throughout the season.
    • Allocating certain amounts of stock, to each outlet, throughout the season. Retailers are now trying to minimize stock holdings and commitment to allow for maximum flexibility.
    • Monitor stock movement, consider markdowns, promotions or clear outs, etc.
    • Instrumental in all commercial decisions such as how much money should be spent, how many different lines should be bought and in what quantity, involvement in setting selling prices to regulate profit and decisions on when the stocks should be delivered into the business.
    • Analyze data for weekly reviews of sales and assist in following the merchandise plans by allocating stock to the store or events. Y
    • Responsibility for monitoring suppliers for delivery of stock to the right place, on time. As the stock will come from several suppliers, sending out units at different times is a complex logistical role.

Marketing Intern Candidate Qualifications:

  • Marketing Intern candidates should have a genuine desire to learn about the full cycle sales and marketing and merchandising process
  • We need ambitious and competitive team players for our internship

Interested parties will need to submit the following:

  • Video Application
  • References and resume

In addition, all candidates should be familiar with the Statement of Faith, and will be required to agree with the declarations of the Statement of Faith in order to be considered for this position.


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