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Today is a great day to begin to start to overcome any fear you may have.  Our Women of Faith Fear Class and  resources are designed to assist you in transforming and being the transformation story you know God has in store for you.

The most frequent command in the Bible is “do not fear.” Yet it rarely seems that simple. Learn how – with God’s help – you can overcome your fears and move forward in faith.

Are you often overwhelmed with feelings of foreboding . . . even when things are going well? Do you frequently find the muscles in your neck tightening and your stomach churning when in unfamiliar situations or places? Fear is like a chain around your heart—it paralyzes, entraps, and enslaves. Discover how to move from fear to faith—from panic to peace. Understand the love and power of Christ in your life as you depend on Him for strength and help in every fearful situation you face.

A moderate sense of fear may be considered normal, even healthy. It may be simply an awareness of impending danger—a defense mechanism. It may be just the pounding heart, flushed face, and sweaty palms in anticipation of being called on in class or being asked to make a speech at a meeting. Fears may be in reaction to imagined or real circumstances. They can be acute or chronic. Many fearful people tend to infect others with their anxieties and tensions.

What role does this emotion play in your life?

Immobilizer or energizer … foe or friend? What you do in the face of fear identifies its role in your life. Instead of being paralyzed, allow your fear to move you to entrust your life to the Lord. Come to see the Lord as your only place of safety. He promises that He will not only be with you and He will also lead you through your frightening worries. Whether fleeting or chronic, God will be with us through His Holy Spirit as our Great Comforter every step of the way.

Take a deep dive into complete and comprehensive teaching. 

The Women of Faith Collection of Classes are designed to help you and those you care about deepen your relationship with Jesus and make practical changes in your life. Whatever you’re facing, your life matters, and God wants you to live in victory.

Fear can be your foe or your friend. When you find yourself in the path of a frightening storm – whether figurative or literal – it can be a paralyzing force spiraling you down into the depths of darkness … or a propelling motivator moving you to higher ground. As the storm approaches, fear can be like a deadbolt lock keeping your mind confined … or like a loud alarm warning you to move to safety.

Living with a fear-based mentality or with a spirit of fear is not from God.

God desires to give you hope as you face life challenges, problems and difficult trials. The good news for us, God specializes in redemption and transformation. He takes that which was lost and restores it. He takes that which was dead and gives it life. He takes that which had no hope and rewrites its story. This is our God! As you pray today, ask God boldly to transform the thing inside you that you want to see changed forever!

What to Expect in the Class:  You’ll discover God’s wisdom and guidance in a simple format.

  • Definitions help you understand the topic from God’s perspective.
  • Characteristics give insight into the different aspects of the topic.
  • Causes shed light on the underlying issues related to the topic.
  • Steps to Solution (Step-by Step) show you how to be transformed, walk in freedom and live in victory.

PART 1: In part one, Women of Faith's Alita Reynolds and author and life coach Haley Scully open up and share some of their own personal stories of dealing with fear. You'll hear about the hope and help each found through her unique experiences. 

PART 2: In part two, Alita and Haley compare different types of fear and discuss potential causes for feelings of anxiousness.

PART 3: In part three, Alita and Haley share practical steps you can begin putting into practice to conquer the fear you face in your life.