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How to Cope at the End of Your Rope

Are You Stressed Out?

Are you at the breaking point right now?

Do you feel that if you have one more pressure added to your life, you will break?

Is your overcommitted schedule weighing you down? Are you at a breaking point? Better stop and take stock. If you’re not careful, stress will come between you and your relationships with others . . . and with God. Stress can have either a positive or negative impact in your life. It can increase your ability to endure . . . or it can paralyze or even break you.

In this Stress Management Class, learn what the Bible says about stress and how to allow right thinking to transform your mind by trusting God to be your source of calm in stressful situations.

Looking under the hood isn’t enough. You need to inspect the parts that have received excessive wear and tear. Are you worn and torn by stress?

Have you analyzed your own condition? By taking a closer look at Paul’s many experiences, you can check out what circumstances are most likely to cause stress. If the pressures in your life are not being used to press you closer to the Lord, you may be on the way to a blowout!

Learning to Dwell First on God’s Faithfulness

Whether you’re experiencing a significant transition in your life or just a daily hassle, your individual beliefs, your attitudes, your thoughts will influence what becomes stressful to you. Therefore, it’s critical that the first signs of stress, or distress, be met with God’s truth.

Take a deep dive into complete and comprehensive teaching. 

The Women of Faith Collection of Classes are designed to help you and those you care about deepen your relationship with Jesus and make practical changes in your life. Whatever you’re facing, your life matters, and God wants you to live in victory.

Today is a great day to begin.

What to Expect in the Class:  You’ll discover God’s wisdom and guidance in a simple format.

  • Definitions help you understand the topic from God’s perspective.
  • Characteristics give insight into the different aspects of the topic.
  • Causes shed light on the underlying issues related to the topic.
  • Steps to Solution (Step-by Step) show you how to be transformed, walk in freedom and live in victory.

PART 1: In part 1, Women of Faith’s Alita Reynolds and author Gari Meacham lay the foundation for understanding stress, both the good and the bad, and define other stress-related terms that will be used in this class.

PART 2:  Dealing with stress is the start to freedom. In part 2, Women of Faith’s Alita Reynolds and author Gari Meacham share symptoms and lasting effects caused by stress that can fester if left unchecked. Identifying the truth behind our reactions to events in life is the first step in getting off the path of unrest and onto the path of peaceful rest intended for us by the Father.

PART 3: God created us with a desire to know Him. In part 3, Women of Faith’s Alita Reynolds and author Gari Meacham discuss the spiritual root cause of stress. By looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places we deny ourselves the peace that comes from the only Source of completeness that is available to us.

PART 4:  In part 4, Women of Faith’s Alita Reynolds and author Gari Meacham remind us that while stress is inevitable, hope is here and provide steps to solutions so that we can conquer the stress in our lives.