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Do You Know Who You Really Are?

What is your real identity?
What is an identity?
Is your identity something you are born with?
Is it changeable or never able to change?

Who are you? It's a simple question with endless answers. You may look to your job, your family, your country, or even your hobbies to describe who you are. What happens when you've built your identity on a role or a relationship and then it changes or comes to an end?The damage to your self-image and identity can be devastating. These Keys tor Living explain the unshakable, rock-solid identity you have in Christ. Learn how to confront lies and misplaced identities with God's truth. Discover how to see yourself as God sees you and how to live out your identity as a child of God.

Ever since Adam made his choice to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, he and all his descendants have been identified with sin. His declaration of independence explains the rebellious nature we each inherited. Because we were born into the family of Adam, we all possess the natural bent to live self-centered lives. Yet with a heart of love, the heavenly Father has persistently sought to draw each person with His offer of adoption.

God desires to adopt us into His family and to give us a new nature... the same moral nature of His Son. When you become a true Christian by receiving Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you also receive a new identity. As a child of God, your old sin nature has been exchanged for a glorious new nature. The Bible reveals that you receive a new identity in Christ!

Most people experience confusion about who they really are because they lack a Biblical understanding of what determines their identity. Your behavior is an outgrowth of your identity. Our personal identity is determined by what “family” we are born into. Spiritually, everyone is a descendant of Adam—we were born into “Adam’s family.” No one in Adam’s family has the capacity to live as God designed us to live.

A new spiritual life is made possible in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. To embrace Him as your personal Lord and Savior is to inherit a new family and a new identity “in Christ.” With this new identity you will begin to develop Christlike character by choosing to rely on Him to deal with your daily problems.

Take a deep dive into complete and comprehensive teaching. 

The Women of Faith Collection of Classes are designed to help you and those you care about deepen your relationship with Jesus and make practical changes in your life. Whatever you’re facing, your life matters, and God wants you to live in victory.

Today is a great day to begin.

What to Expect in the Class:  You’ll discover God’s wisdom and guidance in a simple format.

  • Definitions help you understand the topic from God’s perspective.
  • Characteristics give insight into the different aspects of the topic.
  • Causes shed light on the underlying issues related to the topic.
  • Steps to Solution (Step-by Step) show you how to be transformed, walk in freedom and live in victory.

PART 1: What determines your self worth? In part one, Women of Faith's Alita Reynolds and author and life coach Haley Scully talk about understanding our identity in Christ and the practical application of God's Word to our everyday lives.

PART 2: Sometimes the truth hurts. In part two, Women of Faith's Alita Reynolds and author and life coach Haley Scully explain how our daily behaviors result from self image struggles.

PART 3: In part three, Women of Faith's Alita Reynolds and author and life coach Haley Scully talk about breaking free from feelings of guilt and shame in order to walk in the freedom God desires for our lives.