• In honoring God and living in faith.
  • In always bringing our best.  Excellence honors God and inspires people.
  • In leading the way with irrational generosity.  We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.
  • In being all about the capital "C" Church.  The local church is the hope of the world and we know we are able to accomplish infinitely more together than apart.
  • In being faith-filled, BIG BIG thinking, bet the farm risk takers.  We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living.
  • In giving up things we love for things we love even more.  It's an honor to sacrifice for Christ and His Church.
  • In laughing hard, loud, and often.  Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love.
  • In doing anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ.  To reach people no one is reaching, we will have to do things few are currently doing.
  • In being spiritual contributors versus being spiritual consumers.  The body of the church does not exist for us.  We are the church and we exist for the world.
  • In honoring Christ and His church with integrity.  When we live with integrity nothing else matters.  When we fail to live with integrity nothing else matters.
  • Together we are able to lock arms, in Christ all across the globe.
  • In being authentic and real, connected by what truly matters, with Christ as the center.


  • In using of all forms of media & technology as a conduit to connect people to people and exponentially grow friends and community globally and to create disciples.  
  • In loving relationships to permeate every aspect of life.
  • In empowering every woman to live a life of purpose, on purpose and for God's purpose.
  • In the power of story.  The empowering impact of each and every story.  The ability to share each story to those in need of hearing it.
  • In providing Biblically-based resources.
  • In a unified community of servants and stewarding their spiritual gifts.
  • In the transforming power of grace. 
  • In living a vibrant life for Him.  
  • To never go alone and to live life together.
  • In a community, to feel comfortable being themselves and to be and live authentically.
  • In hope.  To be inspired, to dream, to grow and to transform hope into reality.
  • In the healing power of humor and being joyful, fun-loving and playful.
  • In the yearning for continuous personal growth, which one grows to be more and more like Christ.
  • In building, modeling and elevating community.
  • In wholeheartedly rejecting the label mega-ministry.  We are a micro-ministry with a mega-vision.  God's vision for us.



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