The World Says Get Skinny, People will Love You More | Alita Reynolds & Michelle Spadafora

Faith and Fitness Coach, Show Host, and Speaker Michelle Spadafora inspires us in this episode as she shares why "The world is saying get skinny, people will love you more" and how to address this lie. Instead, she encourages us to embrace God's love and loving ourselves because of Who created us.

What Michelle thought she wanted was a better life for her kids, but she found so much more. She found Jesus. Michelle Spadafora had never been invited to church, had never heard the story of Jesus, nor had anyone who was a follower of Jesus. One day she woke up though and said, “I think we should go to church”. And sometimes you just have to laugh!!! Listen in and laugh with us!

Quotes to Remember:

  • She wanted me to lead worship, and I CAN NOT carry a tune. - Michelle Spadafora
  • I just woke up one day and said, “I think we should go to church”. - Michelle Spadafora
  • Sugar is keeping people from feeling their best… and they don’t know it. - Michelle Spadafora
  • God doesn't choose the qualified. He qualifies the called. You have to be real. Otherwise, it’s hard to connect with people. - Alita Reynolds
  • I’m wildly cheering you on, 🤍Alita 🤍 #habits #sugar #health #michellespadafora #alitareynolds