The Secret Sauce with Fire and Love | Alita Reynolds & Pam Sibanda

A spirit of love exudes from ER nurse, pastor and podcast host, Pam Sibanda. The combination of fire and love in this special woman will ignite something fresh in your soul. She shares how the Holy Spirit is a secret sauce in her life and in yours.  Plus, Pam lights up as she shares about her mission to encourage others to involve God in every aspect of life.


Quotes to Remember: 

If you are not certain of who you are, it will bleed into your interactions with others. - Pam Sibanda

The holy spirit is the secret sauce. - Pam Sibanda 

We need to look in the mirror and tell ourselves positive things everyday. - Pam Sibanda 

Having child-like faith is being in awe of everything God does. - Alita Reynolds 


I’m wildly cheering you on, 

🤍Alita 🤍


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