Trusting God with My Friends List | Alita Reynolds & Constance Rhodes

Trusting God with My Friends List | Alita Reynolds & Constance Rhodes

Life is definitely better with friends! We all long for that human experience in connection with true friends and that feeling of belonging and acceptance. That’s exactly what my friend Constance Rhodes and I share in this episode. You will hear her incredible story of how God turned her childhood pain into her passion for helping others overcome it.   

Today, Constance Rhodes is a coach for creatives with nearly thirty years of experience in creative, leadership, and ministry spaces. She is passionate about helping creatives (writers, artists, speakers, performers) and ministry leaders strengthen their voices in three key areas: BRAND, CRAFT, and CORE.

Constance founded FINDINGbalance, an organization dedicated to eating, image, and lifestyle management issues, and is the author of Life Inside the “Thin” Cage: A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter.

My favorite part of our interview was the practical and authentic way Constance shared how she deals with overthinking and puts a stop to worry in her friendships.

Points to Listen for and Remember:

  • Learning to trust God, finding acceptance and true connection 
  • How powerful it is, to be honest in our friendships
  • When the illusion of connection can paralyze  
  • How deep conversations can heal our hearts and strengthen our relationships  
  • Moving from “Anti Dependent to Interdependent
  • What is means to “Close the Loop” on Worry 

I am wildly cheering you on,

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